Google+ means email+

Google+ is the most interesting thing to come out of Google since … well, since search. Or maybe Android.

But it’s also a major generator of email:

To be fair, that’s not unlike Facebook. It’s just that on Facebook, we’ve had more time to adapt (and update our email preferences). On G+, it’s so new that I’ve wanted to stay engaged and stay updated.

Guess I’m gonna have to update my email preferences!

On another note, I think this marks my fourth straight post about Google. That says two things:

  1. Google is doing a lot of stuff!
  2. I need to focus on some different things!

Back to the salt mines …


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  • It does try as best it can to keep the things as bundled as possible. When it sends you new circle notifications I get 5 or so people at a time. It’s like what Flickr does with their digest emails.

    Much like Twitter was about Twitter in its infancy, G+ is about G+ right now. And Iโ€™m having a Pavlovian need to check the upper-right-hand corner of every web page I’m on just to make sure I donโ€™t miss something.