Geek gadget lust: Helio

All the everlasting Apple iPhone rumors have me in a constant state of unsatiated geek lust. What’s worse is that I need a new phone … and the iPhone isn’t rumored to be arriving until next year.

Maybe this is the next-best thing:

From the website:

  • Loaded Camera – 2 megapixel, 4x digital zoom, with built-in flash for night shots
  • Video Camera – MPEG 4 video camera for action shots anywhere you and your friends go
  • Big Screen – Large 2.2″ QVGA, 262K color TFT-LAC, 240 x 320 resolution Screen
  • Mega Memory – 70 MB + up to 1200 friends’ contacts! Get extra memory via memory cards*
  • Internet Surfing – Yahoo! Search and one-click access to your favorite websites and MySpace
  • Entertainment – Plays the latest 3D games and also supports: MP3, MPEG 4 player, VOD, MMS and TV output

Ummm … and it’s a phone too.

I am still wondering about the K800i, however … which is more oriented toward phone and camera features.

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