Gathering of the faithful: all Apple all the time

It was very interesting to be in the free wireless area at FETC: almost all the people there were Mac users.

I had to get a shot of three guys that I started talking with … that’s my laptop in the foreground. The middle guy works for Apple, and he didn’t like it that in my first shot his head was MIA behind the first guy, so I had to take the shot again.

FYI, wireless access throughout the rest of Orange County Convention Center is very definitely unfree … I tried to jump online during a session and got the now-you-must-pay page. The price? $24.95 US per day!

Unbelievable. At $10 I’d do it, but this is fiscal rapine. Seriously, I’m certain they’d make more money at a lower pricepoint. More people would buy it.

But the current prices are crazy. Wireless access is very cheap to set up; putting the price in the stratosphere only ensures the Orange County Convention Center won’t make their money back.