First miss for Shelfari (and Amazon)

As you may have noticed, I’ve begun using Shelfari to catalog the books I’m reading.

After a couple of months, I’ve finally found a book that Shelfari doesn’t know about: At the Sharp End, which is Tim Cook’s novel about the Canadian contribution to WWI. Interestingly enough, neither does Amazon.

However, Indigo (a Canadian bookseller owned by Chapters) does, and here it is (volume one at any rate).

I’ve wondered before if Amazon and Shelfari are linked … particularly since Shelfari buy-the-book links are to Amazon. Amazon has invested in Shelfari … which is probably why Shelfari seems to be using the Amazon book database.

. . .
. . .

Interestingly, when I fed Shelfari’s import functionality this page, it came up with a different book by the same author: Clio’s Warriors.

Oddness abounds.