Every web hosting company is the worst

I was going to write one of those articles.

You know … the host I used to have … the problems it caused … the downtime this site experienced … the agony of dealing with the optimistically-named customer “service” …

You get the picture. You’ve probably experienced it.

I decided not to. There’s just no upside in it. So I didn’t. But in the course of prepping for the post, I did notice something interesting:

Every hosting company is the worst. To someone.

How can you tell? Well, google hosting company. Check the ads overflowing on the sidebar, bursting onto the page, shoving their pugnacious little faces forward.

Lots of them, huh?

Now google worst hosting company. Or, if you like variety, bad hosting company. A bit of a change, no?

The deal is, when you set up your AdWords campaigns, you tell Google what words you want to bid on. You also tell Google when you don’t want your ads to show.

For example, I want my ads on freaking awesome widget to show up when someone googles for freaking awesome widget. But I don’t want my ads to show up when someone googles for free freaking awesome widget.

After all my widget is freaking awesome, and that degree of freaking awesomeness doesn’t come free. So cheapskates who aren’t likely to pay don’t see my ad. They’ll probably click – and cost me money – but not pay. The buggers.

Looks to me like the hosting companies have pretty unanimously decided that ticked-off bad hosting refugees might be a poor choice to market to … especially if you never know what vagaries of the SEO winds will make your name turn up in the organic search results.

It would suck to be showing your ad for Kwality Hostin’ Inc. just as the number one result on Google for worst hosting company turns up Kwality Hostin’, wouldn’t it?

Because everyone’s the worst – to someone.

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