Eight ideas that will really revolutionize the 21st Century

Ben Hammersley had a presentation at Les Blogs recently titled “Eight ideas that will really revolutionize the 21st century (and why blogging isn’t one of them).”

I tried to watch the video, but a combination of poor quality and Ben’s hard-on-a-Canadian’s-ear English accent made it virtually impossible. (To say nothing of the pain, the pain I say, of trying to watch Windows Media files.)

Fortunately, a Dutch blogger has posted some of the main ideas. With apologies to my ancestors, I can’t read Dutch, but here’s the key bit in English.

Looks like 8 dichotomies or continuums of ideas:

– information wants to be free —- copyright
– zero distance — borders
– mass amateurisation — censorship
– more much more — network blocking
– true names — identity cards and databases
– viral behaviour — more network blocking
– everything is personal — everything is trackable
– ubiquitous computing — no privacy

Sounds very cool – I still want a complete transcript. Someone – anyone?

. . .
. . .

I’ve downloaded the MP3 audio – hopefully it’s better than the video.

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