Real Simple: corporation 2.0

I ran into some Real Simple products today at Target as part of the browsing I’m always doing for new/innovative types of calendars, planners, and organizers.

After picking up a couple of their notebooks and journals, I noticed the address on the back and checked them out.

How out in the woods have I been not to have noticed this company? They have a very interesting brand/identity. Real Simple is a:

  • TV show
  • magazine
  • website (which is mostly a for-pay walled garden)
  • and, not least, a products company that is making innovative and cool (if cheap) stuff that sells in Target, among other stores
  • I like it! Real Simple appears to be the iMac of companies … everything you need, in a nice wrapped-with-a bow all-in-one package.

    Corporation 2.0: branding, products, identity, media, relationship.


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