Chris DiBona or Fabio?

chris-dibona-or-fabio.jpgWhoa … I see Chris DiBona of Google’s open source program is helping NASA move 120 terabytes of data … all the data that the Hubble space telescope has ever collected.

Now that’s a LOT of data. Very cool. Hope they don’t lose any spare terabytes here or there.

But what’s with this pic? Is it Chris DiBona or Fabio?

This has gotta be a gag shot …

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  • This blog used to have informative and thoughful posts. You’re losing it though. This blog is starting to suck.

  • There’s an easy solution (for you) to that problem …


    Seriously, though, I have been spending more time on other ventures. Something has to suffer. I heard a guy in a seminar say recently that you can only do 2 and a half things well.

    Consider this the half.

  • needs a haircut and waxed chest which is only the start, also needs more clothing because he looks like a ugly stupid fat idiot in this picture