Deep Sea 3D – great nature film

Yesterday Teresa and I took the kids into downtown Vancouver to the CN Imax theatre for the Deep Sea 3D Imax film. (See the trailer.)


Here’s the obligatory shot of us all (except for Teresa, taking the picture) with our 3-D glasses. (The kids size was so big we had to hold them onto Aidan’s head!)


We all loved it, especially Gabrielle – who has always loved fish.

There’s a great scene right at the beginning as a wave rises in the distance and comes closer and closer to you in 3-D as you sit in your seat, then covers you. Everything turns to black, and then you’re underwater. But the whole movie is beautiful and amazing and incredible.

It was the first 3-D movie for Aidan, who kept trying to touch sea urchins or jellyfish that seemed to be right in front of his face. 3-D, when done well, is amazing.

The only quasi-negative was the narration, by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. They’re just not quite up to your standard National Geographic film narrator, or Leonard Nimoy, or Morgan Freeman, or Patrick Steward. Kind of stilted and staged, I thought, as did Teresa.

But that’s a quibble. The film is absolutely amazing, and well worth the time and expense.

After the movie, we strolled around Vancouver a little. Saw a triceratops on the street being pulled by a Hummer H3… which we saw later on as well – someone must get paid to drive it around, simply for advertising purposes:


We saw about 5-6 bear sculptures around the city – apparently part of a charity campaign, as they’ll be auctioned off in a few months:


Of course, a family day trip would not be complete without Ethan climbing something and making his mother’s heart race a little …