Panasonic Plasma

Teresa and I took our sons Ethan and Aidan to Science World yesterday after some furniture shopping in Yaletown.

One thing that caught my eye was an amazing plasma display. I’ve been looking a little at large flatscreen TVs lately. I almost certainly won’t get one this year, but it’s always fun to look.

But I haven’t seen anything in stores that approached this screen’s clarity. Most, if not all of the LCD and Plasma and LCD projection TVs I’ve seen in stores have numerous “marching ants” imperfections around words onscreen, or around other sharply delineated objects.

Not this screen – it was amazingly clean and clear.

I couldn’t see the manufacturer’s name – it was hidden by a protective enclosure – but could see the model number on the back. Thanks to the wonders of Google, I now know the product type (TH50PHD5UY), and that it’s available for a little more than $2500 US.