Acrobat is a real space hog

One thing that has always irritated me about Adobe’s Acrobat applications is that they are real space hogs. Upon launch, they immediately expand to fill all available space:


Note, that’s all available space – as wide as your monitor will allow. Not, as one might expect, a reasonable size that is commensurate with the size of the document that you’re opening and viewing. To me, this makes Acrobat one on the long list of rude applications.


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  • Wow, that’s nuts. There’s not “fit width” option? Trippy. Personally what I hate more is in the windows version of Acrobat is that a minor version update (ie: 7.01 -> 7.02) requires a FULL REBOOT! I know this isn’t windows fault (well, that might be debatable due to the nature of the windows filesystem), but man. Oh, and don’t get me started on doing this when you have to a) do this for a bunch of updates (7.01 -> 7.09) and b) do this under vista where you are warned you’ll be asked and then asked if you want to do it, and have to click ‘confirm’ each time. Not sure if it’s the same under MacOS.

    Wonder how 8.0 is? I know I do quite enjoy the reader part of it under windows.

  • Adobe has been primariIy designing their software for the windows users, this is why most of their software are not smooth operating on macs. Reason why adobe is so sIow with their bug fixes and other probIems is due to the fact that they have to many software packages, there used to be a handfuI just few years back, now the Iist is a huge one, i am not sure how they are abIe to focus on everything.