It’s hard to be a social media marketing zealot

It’s hard to be a zealot. Have you ever thought that?

A zealot is passionate. A zealot is a true believer. A zealot is intolerant of unbelievers. A zealot breaks china. A zealot shouldn’t be allowed in the gift shop.

A zealot lacks patience. A zealot doesn’t understand when people don’t instantly grok what they’re talking about. A zealot doesn’t have a reverse gear. A zealot wants to be in fifth gear motoring at a hundred down the autobahn all day long.

A couple of days ago I updated my blog look and added a pic of myself, with a bit of an WTF section for new visitors: “Biz, tech, social media, PR, and marketing musings from a social media marketing zealot.” I wrote that because I’m passionate about what social media can do to change how people and companies talk. After all, we’re all people, aren’t we.

As a zealot, I sometimes remind myself that I’m limiting myself. I think of the Chinese proverb: “To a hammer, all problems look like a nail.” A zealot thinks his or her chosen tool is the only tool.

The problems seem so obvious:

    I mean, the 30-second spot is so dead.

    Adblindness is so prevalent.

    Old-skool corp-speak is so corpse-speak.

    Suits who think they can manage the message are so clueless.

    Marketers who think they control what a brand means are so 1950s sitcom.

    PR that’s operating just like 1985 is so echo-chamber delusional.

But sometimes it seems like 95% of the business world didn’t get the memo. And they don’t speak the same language. And they want instant solutions to complex problems. And I’m from Mars, and they’re from Venus. Or something like that.

Arrgghhh. It’s hard to be a zealot.

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes I just need a little bit more of it.

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