Blog as mobile personal database

How do you store stuff?

That’s a perennial problem – just look at the garages of North America. Or the closets. But the kind of stuff I’m talking about is data stuff. Information stuff.

That website that you can’t get into right now but would love to *someday.* The software that you just found that you’d love to invest a couple of hours in, just playing with it, can’t right now, but want to in the future.

I’ve used a lot of different methods over the years: folders and text files on my computer (complete waste of time, never seen again until you’re cleaning up your hard drive); PIM or calenadaring tools (outta sight, outta mind); stickie notes (very small half-life); hard-copy (get’s trashed when you get sick of the mess).

One I’m kind of sticking with is my blog.

It’s convenient, reasonably quick, accessible wherever I go, and searchable. I can back it up, archive it, and save it. Plus, others can see it too, speading the wealth.

Let’s see how long this one lasts.