Angry Birds and IDFA? How Rovio prepared for iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork

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I’ll be moderating a very cool webinar on March 31. Most iOS 14 and IDFA webinars are about what you should do, or what experts thing are the steps mobile marketers need to take.

This one’s different. This is experts from Rovio, one of the top mobile publishers on the planet, telling you what they’ve done, how they’ve done it, and how they plan to continue to be successful at user acquisition and growth when iOS 14.5 hits and all of Apple’s privacy provisions for App Tracking Transparency are enforced.

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From the webinar description:

What does it take to run SKAdNetwork-based campaigns successfully? While the industry scrambles to adapt to the massive disruption that comes with the release of iOS 14.5, Rovio is leading the way in readiness. And they’re ready to share insights into their setup and results to help you get up to speed.

Join experts from Rovio, Vungle, and Singular on March 31st @ 10 am PT to discuss how Rovio tackled iOS 14 readiness and SKAdNetwork testing. The expert panel will discuss:

    • Critical components of Rovio’s SKAdnetwork setup
    • Key findings and learnings Rovio uncovered in end-to-end testing
    • Tips and best practices for optimizing SKAdNetwork campaigns

Participants will include:

  • Kieran O’Leary, Rovio VP of Marketing
  • David Mason, Rovio SVP of R&D
  • Frederick Ayala, Rovio senior data scientist

See you at the webinar!