Russian chocolate: for men only?

I had no idea that chocolate was only for men. But then again, I’ve never been to Russia:


In case that’s not quite clear enough, there’s a warning on the back:


My niece just came back from Russia – visiting with her dance troupe. Amazingly, she attended a session in Catherine the Great’s private theatre. She also saw these wacky chocolate bars from Nestle.

Why are they only for men? I’d love to know the story – I can only guess.

Maybe manly Russian men don’t eat chocolate, and this is Nestle’s version of a Marlboro cowboy. Maybe the chocolate contains testosterone and other male hormones that would have deleterious effects on women.

If you know the marketing story behind this, let me know! (Please.)

[ update ]

My wife did a simple Google search and found this Russian site that explains chocolate for men.

An excerpt:

The idea of this product creation, intended only for men, is based on deep understanding of a modern man psychology. “The role of woman in a society is more and more increasing. A distinction between a woman and a man is gradually drawn. So much the men would like to have things, which will belong only to them. Considering this need, “Nestle” company developed a key idea of “untouchable man’s property”, which was laid in the basis of Nestle® Classic for Men strategic concept”,- Aleksandra Tarasinkevich, senior manager of trademarks of confectionery products department of “Nestle” company, says.

Interesting …

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  • my Mother-in-law came back from Russia (we live in NY) because my Sister-in-law was adopting a baby girl. Well, my mother-in-law bought about 10 of these bars and passed them out to all the Men in our family. I just HAD to do some research because I thought it was so funny. I found info on this website:
    Apparently, in Russia, Chocolate is considered a women’s treat so Nestle wanted to target the men, and apparently the more wealthy men because it’s so expensive too buy it.