Zune product manager is a buzzword generator

Just watching Scoble’s video podcast with the product manager of Zune, Matt Jubelirer.

Forget the Zune, I don’t like Matt’s language:

  • consumers
  • the device
  • interacting with the community
  • digital entertainment device
  • the device
  • content
  • did I say the device?
  • user experience
  • quality assurance processes
  • innovative
  • end-to-end system
  • album art experience
  • customer interaction
  • ecosystem
  • the sharing scenario

You would never hear Steve Jobs talk like this. When will Microsofties learn that it’s about authentic simple emotional things … not how smart they are or how many buzzwords they picked up in B-school?

(And why on earth is he not calling it Zune every time, instead of device? Poor branding!)

On the other hand, he’s young and obviously pretty sharp, well-spoken, personable. He’ll learn. And, contrary to Jobs, I do think the ability to send a song or a photo to someone else is pretty cool.

The funniest thing: he obviously doesn’t want to say “iPod” or “Apple” or “iTune.” It’s amusing to see him and Scoble find numerous ways to NOT say anything related to a certain fruity Cupertino-based company.

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This story just hit Techmeme in the discussion on Scoble’s video podcast (at least when it shows on the home page).

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  • Another point of view is to focus on what he said and not how he said it.
    I believe this was a very interesting interview, Scoble asked many questions kai Jubelirer answered them all.

    You can see the hightlights of this interview and snapshots on our site here.

  • It certainly was an interesting interview. All I’m pointing out is that how people speak and the language they use is indicative of how they think.

    Here’s the question: do I want someone whose intent is to create something insanely great making my gadgets, or an MBA spouting buzzwords?

    That’s over-stating the case – I’m not saying he’s the not the first. But there’s certainly a little of the latter, too.

  • I know Jubes, and he’s just about as legitimately, passionately interested in mobile music as anyone you’re likely to meet. He had to struggle through several years of ‘working through others’ (OEMs, that is) to try to get a first class portable media player to market, only to see Apple continue to leave everyone in the dust.

    One MS product manager who traveled in our cirlces got fed up with the slow progress, and left for Apple, to help them grow the iPod business. Matt decided to stay, and try to use MS’s resources to build a mobile music experience that rocks. You’ve got to give him credit for persevering.

    As for polish, how cool was Steve jobs when he was 25?