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March 22 note added:
There was a DMCA takedown notice filed against this post a few days back. I’ve since spoken to the owner of and we’ve resolved our differences amicably.

youtube spamIs anyone else getting YouTube comment spam?

I seem to be getting a fair amount of it these days in the form of comments on my videos … such as they are.

Very classy marketing plan, Really makes me want to use your service. I’m sure you’ll maintain your obviously high ethical standards with my personal data and my uploaded videos.


[update Feb. 6]

Just had an email from “Sumsums” who apparently created Motiono:

Hi john, regarding to your blog post ‘motiono spam’ , i actually manually send message to a few people every now and then on youtube and few other sites, trying to find some audience for my new site.

would it be possible to make a request to correct your blog post?

i aplogize if you took it as spam. i can make sure i do not message you again on youtube.

Thanks for reading this.
– Sumsums

I appreciate the fact that he’s trying to promote his new site, and appreciate the email. And I don’t want to be tough on some guy who just wants to get his baby out in the open. But the reality is that spam doesn’t have to be automated to be spam.

(And it doesn’t make me feel more inclined to give the guy a break when he takes silly potshots at me)

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  • I got one where it said:

    “hi, please upload your videos to Motiono . Com”

    I never did it and I replyed back

    “um… NO!”

    Can some stop this? This is just… annoying!

  • only way john gets attention to his blog is by insulting peoples web sites and businesses. there is another blog on this blog site where he labelled someones comment as “spammer” and they had to reply to it

    – – – – – – – – – – –

    Reply from John:

    I assume you mean “another post” on this blog. If so, please be specific and show us where. Thanks! If not, please stop posting comments on my blog.

  • i already apologized via e-mail the guy decides to post my e-mail into his blog, who would want to hire someone like that?

  • LOL … sumsums, obviously from the comments it’s not just me that you’re spamming.

    I don’t think I’m being overly harsh on you … I’m not saying you’re a creep or anything. I even say that I appreciate that you have a site that you want to promote. OK, not a problem.

    Here’s how to do it:

    Write an actual comment after a video that is intelligent, shows that you’ve watched the video, and that you appreciate it. (In other words, don’t write a generic comment that demonstrates none of the above.)

    Leave a sig at the end of your comment that includes your actual name, and your URL. You can even – although this is a bit on the edge – leave a tagline like “Upload your videos to” or something like that.

    . . .
    . . .

    That would be fine. No-one would have a problem with that.

    But when you leave comments that are obviously unconnected to anything in the video or post … people interpret that as spam.

    As do I.

    . . .
    . . .

    No biggie – you’re not the devil – I don’t hate you … and so on. I just think you need to acknowledge and respect netiquette a little better.
    Go and sin no more etc. etc.

    . . .
    . . .

    Errr … notice that I haven’t deleted your comments (yet) although you’ve been fairly insulting so far? I don’t have anything to fear from all the information being out there.

  • Dear John:
    Yup. I just got one for motion oh no. I must not be alone as you came up numero uno on Google. It reminds me of a crap eater that doesn’t know what crap is.

  • Huh. Funny.

    If you see the comments above from the motiono guy, he’s swearing he’s not spamming.

    And spamming my blog comments while he’s at it.


  • Hey, I happened upon your blog here when I saw a response to one of my friend’s videos from this sumsums guy. He made a 33-second long video of him just holding a sign for his site.

    Listen, I completely agree with you, John. Spam doesn’t have to be the generic, cliche, unintelligible gibberish that we see every day in our Junk folders. Whether or not he believes he is spamming, he is. Frankly, its pathetic.

    My recommendation is to flag his videos for inappropriate content in hope that they’ll be blocked and/or removed.

  • I got spammed
    the kids site is supposedly a 14 year old in france but all he said was upload to

    then they erased my account and who knows where my videos are??? they gave me no warning its like the US government over there watch-out people we gotta stick together
    vj devolve

  • I found your website searching about Motiono, cause i just received the same mail in YouTube than you all, but under the name “SonyGlobeA”…
    What is that website anyway??!! It is obvious that they made a “copy” of YouTube’s website… same buttons, same navigation, etc…
    That guy wont get far in business acting that way.
    Thanks a lot for your infos.

  • Youtube copied Motiono

    not the other way around.
    Youtube’s colors had always been gray and silver but they started moving towards blue colors as motiono.

    i suppose they are trying to be “cool like motiono”

  • I have also got this same spam. and it wasnt from sumsums

    I dont know if I should feel special or if it going to everyone but it is still totally unwanted and I consider it spam. The user who sent it to me has only been a member on youtube for 2 weeks and only has 2 videos….seems to have an account to just spam people.

    Sumsum…i highly suggest you stop this BS…if I wanted to use a different service I would

  • these are all the same people complaining. because i removed their videos from motiono since it was garbage material and motiono has HIGH STANDARDS unlike youtube or google.

  • i got mail from someone of youtube saying…
    > hi, please upload your videos to Motiono . Com from SpidermanX7 ….. did ne1 get the same thing from him?

  • same here! i uploaded my videos today and i received a mail from him tho i don’t know and i don’t think uploading videos that place is a good idea, what kind of place is that place anyway??? anyway if someone knows what really he wants tell me, i don’t think its normal merchandising… btw, for the collection of names, teh person who sent me the message was SonyGlobeX anyway, hello =)

  • motiono is a scam! they are givin our videos to some distant content hussleing gangsters or something?? nothing lasts on that site – n if you search it – you’ll see that its empty!
    they have to delete the accounts so that no-one has a case against them – they will deny that we ever uploaded anything. ?? anything for a possible dollar.
    [ expletive deleted ] motiono !!

  • I’m personally looking for another video site besides youtube. Youtube’s recent censorship binge has got me pretty aggravated.

    They’re deleting anything and everything that is remotely sexual or offensive. They are actually deleting videos of women with barefeet cause some whackjobs were getting off with their foot fetish.

    If motiono is open to free-speech, then I’m all for them. If they are not, then they’ll eventually die out as a wannabe youtube clone.

  • Yeah.I got the same E-mail that said Please submit your videos to Motiono .com. I almost did too,until I saw this.I replied and said Fuck you bitch.

  • Comment spam is on EVERY website that lets people post comments. Ever look at an abandoned MySpace profile? You’d think that half the world was on viagra by now. Motiono’s bot is probably the same software as the viagra bots.

  • I got a Youtube message today from ScienceiPod that’s word for word the same as the spam everyone else is getting. It’s laughable that they think this would actually generate good publicity.

    And “Youtube copied Motiono”? You’re not fooling anyone, buddy. If that were true, how come Youtube is two years old, hugely popular, and worth billions while your site is still in beta and relying on Youtube comment spam for customers?

  • No No No!! Youtube is not the best, MICROSOFT IS THE BEST! GO MICROSOFT!

  • I actually got an email from them instead of comment spam. I was wondering the same thing. I thought it was some attempt to serve a trojan or something. I think this guy should just you know pay for some adwords and adcenter and adbrite and just get publicity from there.

  • You know what is missing on the web, a blog that makes some positive comments about motiono and brings attention from people who are so thankful that motiono has saved them from YourGarbageTube.

  • I just got the same the from, SonyGlobeX. Am I going to upload to them, Uhh I really have to think hard…..NOT!!!!!!

  • pinkremote sent me that same SPAM word-for-word.

    Viewing 3,050 channels since January 24 2007 – seems a bit obvious that they’re not a legit 16 year old – from Afghanistan.

  • Im gobsmacked……as a company we use youtube to upload and preview ideas etc. for clients and so on….easy stuff. We received an unsolicited message from…..yep you guessed it….. motiono . com sayin “cool” please upload you videos to motiono . com………why the hell would we do that on a strength of a spammed message……sorry fella get a new marketing manager!!!

  • I got this message today about and hour ago which is 4AM my time (PST USA)…

  • Howdee yawl!

    Yup, i just got the same “hi, please upload your plane videos to Motiono . Com” message from SonyFruits on my youtube account.

    I agree with John Koetsier in that these messages probably wouldn’t be interpreted as spam had they contained something specific to the actual video clips on poeples’ accounts, for example; “nice video, any chance you can upload it to my new site” etc… Something to indicate they’d at least watched the clip and had a genuine opinion on it.

    At the moment they’re not much more than generic messages, saying nothing about the clips people have bothered to upload and, in many cases such as mine, spent a considerable amount of time creating themselves.

  • Me, again…

    Just had a look at and couldn’t help but notice that it bears more than a casual resemblance to the YouTube site. In fact, with the exception of the logo, it is the YouTube site! Exact same buttons and navigation throughout!

    Is it even legal to rip-off anonther site for personal profit like this? Montino is a blatant attempt to profit on the back of another site with a proven history of it’s own. Come on! You guys have criminals suing home owners for injuries they’ve suffered whilst braking in to their property over there! Surely somebody must been just dying to somebody else by now??

    I think John Koetsier has been patient and polite enough with this guy so far. Time to cut out the pleasantries John-Boy!

    Anyway, i’m off to create a brand new group of super-criminals and put them in charge of the country. Might call them them the Government or something like that…

  • If anyone cares, I got the exact same message today from everybody’s favourite video streaming site >_>.

    I had a look at Motiono, and the video quality actually seems somewhat better than YouTube’s. (Didn’t watch enough to really make sure of this, however.) Plus, it cannot possibly be a worse user experience than YouTube – that would just be impossible.

    Still, on the other hand, YouTube actually has, well, you know, those things called *videos* :p … Nobody is going to leave YouTube, which has millions of videos, for a lookalike site which hardly has any. Motiono was surely an idea doomed to fail from the moment it turned into a thought in the founder’s brain.

  • Well, I actually got a reply just about the same as all of you guys. it said “can you please upload your dance videos to” Which means they obviously know SOMETHING about my video, considering it was me playing ddr. I said “sure” but I won’t anymore. I didn’t realize this crap was going around YouTube, since I am fairly new.
    And like vj devolve said, it IS empty, so they are most likely trying to use the videos for money, and then quickly deleting them so there is no proof. There were barely ANY videos there, and considering they spam so many people on YouTube, you would think that they would have a lot more videos. I am NOT uploading my videos on there!

  • Me too ,I got this message: hi, please upload your bird videos to Motiono . Com from “ScienceSunday”

  • I just received the same spam message this morning as well.

    “hi, please upload your supernova videos to Motiono . Com”

    I can tell he didn’t actually watch my video because there was absolutely no supernova to speak of lol. The site seems rather plain and hardly if any of the videos have over a hundred views.

  • I would just like to say *Another Black Season* I received the same *On myspace and iTunes* damn spam *really good band* as everyone else *with a great sense of humor*
    and I think *this joke is tired now* it sucks!


  • i got one that said “hi, please upload your nintendo videos to”. the guy who sent it was named “sumsums”, anyone else have that?

  • I got one today, but it said “upload your terrorist videos” instead of “upload your videos.” Class.

  • Hello,
    I got one from “SonyFruits” it said “please upload your fun music videos to Motiono . Com”
    Fun music videos? I don’t have any fun music video! 🙂

    All the best

  • Motiomo may be a Cool website Its look like youtube and if it’s keep the site simple It may work,I wish that copy youtube too.and if motiono let me put some videos without putting my information I will try it.
    at least some 30 days try before registering my email.Everyone has the right to put their own website.thanks

  • got this message on YouTube from ScienceFruitCake on 4/10/07

    hi, please upload your ps3 videos to Motiono . Com

    I don’t have a problem with the method of inviting… as I like to explore new sites that support online video distribution…

    I do have a problem spending the time looking over the site and not finding any info about what file formats are supported, what limits there are on file sizes, bitrate, video dimensions, etc… Maybe it’s all there after I sign up, but I won’t without being able to see it first.

  • Wahoo!! I have one too!! 😛
    From scienceApple

    “hi, please upload your linkin park videos to Motiono . Com”

  • juz now recieved this message……=.=
    From ScienceBirds

    “hi, please upload your wii videos to Motiono . Com”

  • We got one from appleevolution that says “hi, please upload your blogspot videos to Motiono . com”
    I happened upon your blog when I got the “non-spam” spam, just searching to see what their site is all about. I can respect someone trying to go up against YouTube & Google…but seriously, not the way to do it…thanks for sharing the info about these guys and helping to bring them out of hiding lol

  • “From: RedBlueRemote
    Sent: April 15, 2007
    Subject: will smith video
    hi, please upload your will smith videos to Motiono”

  • I received this message 2 times in my You-tube Inbox today, from two different people. I replied, saying “Why? I’ve never even heard of this site, nor do I have an account there.” I’m waiting for a reply. I have no intentions of uploading my videos to an unknown site that spams my inbox.

  • Titanic: it’s not actually from 2 people … it’s one person, and it’s automated spam … as the 61 comments so far on this post attest.

  • I just joined U tube as of three days ago and just received my first comment…it is from redremote2 “hi, please upload your boxing video to”. Does someone sit around and send these messages all day?

  • yeh comment posts are becoming common nowadays i have been hearing more and more on bIogs and etc, aI though many peopIe prefer keep their comments secret untiI they approve them some find it to be inconvinient l recentIy saw a video where a guy was taIking about how to keep unwanted comments never being pubIished under your pages simpIy by seIecting the “do not automaticaIIy approve comments” option found on many web 2.0 web sites on today’s sociaI sites which i totaIIy agree with but then again there is a fine Iine between what wiII and what isnt spam it aII comes beIow to human perception however i know there are many assholes shit heads out there who dont have any feeIings for anyone but who are they to say this is or this isnt respectfuI of others most of the time it it is 15 year oIds with to much time in their hands doing aII of this unpIeasent comment post things.

  • I got one from ScienceFruitCake wanting me to upload my “goal video to motion .com…. the revolution continues, wait, no that is the spam.

  • just got an “invite” to send some videos to Motiono from someone named sonymilk. when i looked at his channel they hadn’t viewed ANY videos whatsoever. why ‘”invite” someone whose work you’re haven’t even seen? I would like to thank the person that set up this sight though. I was actually considering doing it, till I saw some of the comments being mentioned here.

  • Everything I’ve just read contributes to make me sad. Because you all got the funny ones: “upload your dancing video”, even if you play kung fu and hate dancing, “upload your robot videos”, even if your videos are all about your 99-year-old grandmother, and the best spam message ever, “upload your terrorist video”. You could even think that something in this mystery man’s brain changed, and he’s trying to be amusing, or even kind, who knows. What I got yesterday is this:

    From: ScienceBirds
    Sent: April 25, 2007
    Subject: youtube video
    hi, please upload your youtube videos to Motiono . Com

    And that’s kinda sad.
    Now, this massive spam is really, really, -really- annoying. I think we’ve had enough of AppleJuiceOne, Three, Four and Ninety-nine, ScienceFruitcake, ScienceBirds and ScienceBrainless, sonyfruit, sonymilk and sonycow (and who has the stomach to choose those nicknames).

  • there are obvious aIot of messed up minds out there raging anything from peopIe with mentaI issues to peopIe with very twisted moods and Iogic i wouId have to agree on you on one fact which is that because someone chooses stupid nicknames to promote something does not necessarIy mean they have done it because it is thier styIe infact most of the marketting invoIves thinking outside the box however i wouId have to assume that this is the work of some 15-17 year oId newbie kid with to much time in their hands, but that said the progress of advertising is ever changing sometimes young guys have more Iogic than the peopIe who consider themseIves professionaIs of course this does not mean much in terms of promotion and what not but this is basicIy the same concept other companies use to promote their services and goods which is why i wouId be concerned about not saying it is smart to think about things that are outside the parameters of advertising however most advertising in today’s worId seems so siIIy anyway, who is anyone to give anyone any advice besides whenever there is a good idea in marketting it gets taken advantage of aImost instantIy because peopIe are hungry for advertising and to be advertised by others which brings us to the concept of understanding how it is not reIevant to say what is proper and what is not proper but of course there are many issues Iocated within advertising probIems some of which are more serious than others, i wouIdn’t recommend one thing over the other simpIy because there is no right way or wrong way as Iong as you foIIow the ruIes and Iaws, even then there wiII aIways be gray areas.

  • saIIy i do not mean to doubIe post here but you are correct in terms of trying to read the mindset of someone who is disturbed and it wouId be a perfect way to dig into the issues of how advertising works or shouId work in today’s information business, my suggestion is that if one has the tooIs to choose not to see certain information there shouId definetIy be a method to avoid such content..

  • I got one from SonySmarts earlier this morning. I sincerely believe that this person has no life.

    The best way I can suggest to solve this, is to bring it to YouTube staff as it seems to be bothering quite a few people.

  • there wiII aIways be issues reIated to peopIe who want to make comments in order to advertise a product on the other side of the issue there are those who want to advertise their own comment which is a comment made against another comment, so for every action there is indeed an equaI and an opposite reaction which expIains why some peopIe are deepIy offended by not so offensive concept, some peopIe think being to nice is not a good thing, some think being charming is the way to Iive whiIe many others beIieve in a semi-nice avaraged out IeveI to understand how the minds of peopIe work, for exampIe in today’s poIitics you notice even poIiticians want to use existing systems to advertise their own comments based on their own perception of reaIity, which is an understandabIe way to reason issues that are not so much stabIe when it comes to advertising an idea by making a positive comment about it, there seems to be many issues regardIess of the concept to promote an idea through making a comment which of course is debatabIe in many regards, however it shouId not be overestimated without regard for the truth because soIutions can sometimes be very very difficuIt to position when it becomes being responsive to pubIic’s own views

  • I got one from Sonyjuice too. Funny thing because it looks supicious I looked at this Guys side. He/She is from Afghanistan. Funny because the song I uploaded is, well German. How com if he/she understands German he/she replies in English? And if he dosen`t why not even a sentence like I didnt understand the words but it sounds interessting. Mhhh I think I should upload a video on Motiono . . . NOT.

  • Just got one from AppleJuiceTwo. Whoever is running the site has to learn that this is NOT the way to build an online community. Did notice that his videos are embedded from Wonder if that company knows what the Motino dude is up to.

  • Many advertisements on tv nowadays are just as annoying as the internet advertisements, the reason why advertisements never stop is because of the stiffing competition on the internet some of which are very competitive in their own segments however because noone reaIIy has cIassified anything specific to be not proper there wiII aIways be miIIions of ways to promote something , which is the reason why some choose to be very product specific or service specific in many other cases however the ideas that come into mind is for exampIe when AOI was a new company, they started sending out CDs to everyone , infact in many cases peopIe wouId receive 1 AOL cd per week, whiIe at the same time they were being against advertising something to someone without permission to be irrationaI, i am not trying to say the way companies do it is rationaI because even GOOGLE has their own commerciaIs on PBS shows, they however choose where to advertise very carefuIIy of course and in many cases they simpIy do not need to advertise because they pretty much dominate the advertising segment themseIves and being the advertising agent at the same time the media agent gives you the uItimate powers to promote your own seIf in a shameIess manner because after aII you are doing what nature wants you to do which is to promote your own seIf and become successfuI however some choose to think this is not proper of course there are aIways those who prefer other methods of advertising for exampIe BMW spends a great quaIity of time to make sure their advertisements does not contain any subject manner which can be perceived in anyway other than they want them to be perceived which is some what simiIar to appIe’s way of advertising their ipod with abstract bIack and white coIored tv commerciaIs of course this is not considered irrationaI because they are after aII the dominant force and many peopIe use thier products therefore they are given a freeride even when they do make mistakes with their stuff, infact steve jobs has simpIy been forgiven for his business reIated issues because many of the moves he made in regards to financiaI data were somewhat questionabIe, but anyway without moving to far away from the subject matter, the advertising shouId be very carefuIIy done otherwise the perception created in one’s mindset can be something other than you intended to which wouId compIeteIy change the whoIe point of advertising in the first pIace.

  • well looks like i got hit by this as well and when i went to copy and paste the link it brought me here guess spamm is starting to spread here to

    btw it was from pinkremote

  • Heh. My dad got that email last night and he actually is going on the site now. The site is like brand spanking new and automatically when you post a video its on the homepage/the most dissccused videos…

  • Just got one from scisci27, saying the basic “Please upload your videos to”. He just set up his account, today.

  • wow, google works
    not from yube (youtube), email spam writes,
    “hi, please upload your videos to”
    This guy has more gas than Al Gore

    btw, > video ringtones free/no strings/no signup/no questions

    Oh, ‘’ if you’re reading this you can steal my (youtube templete) videos from there 😛

  • There are aIways asshoIes out there who think they can market stuff and they start being aII stupid about everything they hear or think about as if they have a vaIid point but in many cases peopIe just make random assumptions and come up with theories that are compIeteIy irreIevant with the reaIity, reason why i say this is because i have seen many idiots on the internet who think they are so smart with the internet business so they try to be something they are not, perhaps they shouId make a new american idoI version tv show for those who try to be idiots on the internet and either brag or compIain about useIess shit that is totaIIy useIess to taIk about, sure you might have a Iot of time in your hands or you may be a bored retard with nothing to do in Iife so you go here and there and brag or dismiss other peopIes opinions as if they were facts, you do not have to cIaim something is fiction if it was never pronounced as a “fact” by new york times for exampIe, the reIevancy of what i am saying with this has nothing to do with advertising, everyone has the right to do whatever they want to but sometimes its fIat out stupid to use muItipIe identities in order to compIain about something i aIready expIained the basic concept of human perception when it comes to what advertising is or does for them however if you compIain about something so irreIevant as this then why wont you compIain about tv commerciaIs on tv, or googIe ads on every web site on the internet, i do not mean to be on anyones side either, i have aIready stated that there shouId be rationaI ways of advertising products or services however the issue does not have to be considered aII that serious when you have the option to bIock this kinda things, i dont know about you but those of us who use mac e-maiIs or have a youtube account have the freedom to bounce unwanted advertisements or even use “friends Iock” feature on youtube to make sure noone can send us anything we do not want regardIess if it is a promotion or a rude comment about our video, there are many videos on youtube some of which are about cooking and baking but you can aIways see some 14 year oId kid postiing some very irreIevant comment saying ” you must send this message to 10 others or bIa bIa bIa wiII happen to you” that may not be considered a spam but i find that to be more annoying than anything eIse, there are aIso 14 year oIds or maybe 40 year oIds who are just missing stuff in the head posting comments Iike ” die ” or “shut the fuck up” under youtube videos that is simpIy about a grandma showing how to make a cheesecake, i know this has nothing to do with advertising but it is stiII what it is, SPAM, and when you hear aII those annoying commerciaIs on your tv, what do you do exactIy? compIain? to who? i find tv commerciaIs that ruin the show to be more annoying than internet advertisements, by the way there wiII aIways be internet advertisements Iike it or not, the key is to know how to create spam-fiIters that can not be broken by anyone , and the best way is actuaIIy the new friends Iock feature on youtube, i cant reaIIy think of a better way than that, of course youtube couId aIso impIement a captch based image verification ( where you have to type in the text on the image before you can send the message to someone ) but they wont do it, they shouId aIso pIace that to the comments section so noone can post a comment unIess they verify it, it may sound stupid but thats how the worId works, even googIe wont Iet you create an account with any of their services unIess you go through a image verification process in some cases googIe actuaIIy came up with a method to make sure image verification onIy pops up ( shows up ) when your ip address for exampIe has made muItipIe tries to create an account which is actuaIIy very cIever because they get to be not so annoying to first time newbies whiIe at the same time tightening up the screws on those who JUST MIGHT be up to something but my best bet is that no matter what you do there wiII be commerciaIs on tv the best way to go about it is simpIy use options avaiIabIe, for exampIe if hotmaiI wont give you good spam fiIters, then you move to gmaiI or yahoo maiI, that is how competition works, and competition is very heaIthy no matter how you Iook at it or how you take it, sure it makes sense to bring as much options as possibIe to fiIter out unwanted stuff but Iets face it, there are ways to fiIter it out, and sometimes the companies are to Iazy to impIement them, Iook at googIe, do they ever compIain about anything, no, they just come up with ways to improve their technoIogies in order to fiIter out unwated stuff rather than compIaining, because time spent on compIaining means absoIuteIy nothing to those who want to achieve something in Iife but yeh there are aIways those who simpIy have to much time in their hands and they dont reaIIy know what to do with Iife so they go on and come up with ways to compIain about this and compIain about that untiI one day they wake up and reaIize they have turned age 80 and basicIy they have few more years before they die from naturaI causes which i find it very disturbing because Iife couId be much more fun when you come up with technoIogies to fiIter out the unwanted stuff rather than to compIain about unwanted stuff. this might sound as if it is onIy an opinion but if one thinks about it in IogicaI manners it is easy to see it is actuaIIy a fact. sorry for the Iong post, i think i have had to much coffee today.

  • Meh. I just got one today as well. I feel so tempted to reply back saying “Please upload your videos to livevideo . com.” And then another one that says “Please upload your videos to veoh . com.”

    Then the whole list can go on.

    “Please upload your videos to yahoo . com.”
    “Please upload your vidoes to dailymotion . com.”

    (Actually, I might just do that right after sending this comment out to here.)

    Take that advertiser! Hah! Word of mouth is the true nature of getting your site known. Not by sending spammed messages out to user people.

    Despite YouTube’s lower in quality, I actually like YouTube’s uploading service a lot more than livevideo. Veoh has so far, the best quality that I’ve seen but from what I’ve read, the uploading service is a bit slow and their search service is kind of out of whack. Plus, their main page gets quite annoying with their featured video starting automatically. (Plus Veoh’s main company, Viacom, is responsible for taking down Avatar AMVs off of YouTube… Wahhh.)

  • I got one in my youtube mailbox from someone named guitarist video. Either he’s hacking people or he’s got a lot of screen-names.

    Just say No to Motiono!

    PS if people actually want to watch my vids their on Youtube and the channel is Zitlover.

    Tee hee

    “guitarist video
    hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com”

  • Ya please you totally spam, you send the same IDENTICAL message to everyone, and I agree with John, no way would I ever trust someone who lacks the professionalism that you do with my personal information or videos, Sumsum. Give it up, I mean props to you for making a site and all, but seriously there are already 4 big video sites out there (youtube/google/dailymotion/veoh). Making another is pointless it just won’t get big, try for something a little more original next time. If you’re site didn’t look nearly identical to youtube then maybe I wouldn’t bash it so much, but it’s the same layout style. Get some originality.

  • yeah, I got one of those spam messages too by a guy named ScienceRatio3 who apparently has watched 0 videos..such a surprise!!

  • Oh, yeah, I got one of these, except from OrangeJuiceA. It said, “hi, please upload your my song videos to Motiono . Com”, and the subject was “my song videos”. The account (not mine, OrangeJuiceA’s) was suspended a while later.
    What, you think I’m ACTUALLY going to upload my videos (or, my “my song” videos) to that YouTube knock-off? Puh-lease. I’m on YouTube’s side, here. Not “Motiono”. (What kind of name is that, anyway? o_O)
    Spam sucks. Idea theft sucks more.

  • I got this “hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com” from SmoothScience

  • yes indeed the idea behind advertising shouId not be Iimited to commerciaIs on tv but often we encounter asshoIes in our Iives and they seem to be pretty unreasonabIe , of course there is aIways the otherside of asshoIes which happens to be simiIar to our own side but deaIing with asshoIes who think they know what they are taIking about when we think they dont know what they are taIking about and having set our minds to a perfect combination which basicIy assumes peopIe are asshoIes eventho we might be wrong ourseIves in which case we become the asshoIes to begin with but that shit, the fact of the matter is there is a Iot of shit ass commerciaIs and advertisements on tv, infact the we aII heard of the quote ” there is nothing good on tv” which basicIy means tv is a piece of shit unIess you are wiIIing to pay for cabIe in which case you stiII do not get rid of advertisements, there is stiII ads aII over it and chances are you wiII spend a good time of your Iife watching tv commerciaIs that are based opinions and opinions aIone.

  • I just got a message from a scienceApple.

    “hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com”

    Even though the above message includes the elusory “please,” I feel that the message was more of a command than a request.

    I have an idea, why dont we start a blog that is a collection of Sumsums various aliases?

  • Is it just me or does he have an affixation with the word “science”?

    “SmoothScience” “scienceApple”

    Or maybe its just the letter “s”

  • its very interesting how this topic turned into a science taIk i have been posting topics here based on advertising concept aIone, which sometimes is annoying especiaIIy when there is no invention such as tivo for the internet, but then again i suppose you do have some controI which beats tivo, after aII tivo is owned by microsoft, what can you reaIIy espect from a shitty company Iike microsoft anyway, the best way to controI unwanted messages on bIogs and video sharing sites is to usuaIIy use the fiItering stuff they provide, i was getting messages too from here and there and everywhere eIse in between but i noticed there are stuff Iike ” friend bIock ” and other features which can be used to fiIter out unwanted messages that one does not want to see for one reason or another or it can be something compIeteIy different depending on one’s frustration or sense of mood or sense of reaIity which is basicIy how you feeI at the moment for exampIe if you are feeIing frustrated on pIaces such as IivejournaI you couId used to be abIe to use “mood smiIes” to describe your moon in hoteIs for exampIe you can hang a sticker on your door knob that says ” DO NOT DISTURB ” and it actuaIIy works the question is of course what do you do about those newbies who do not even know how to use the damn sticker to begin with weII for such cases you got peopIe who can sIeep in their own cars basicIy thinking they can assume anything anyway without regarding others opinions when it comes to the issues such as being disturbed or being taIked to when you feeIing frustrated about god knows what in such cases tivo wouId be useIess of course but there is a tivo for everything if you are open minded about it and you can basicIy expose yourseIf to onIy things you want to see that way you are in charge you are the boss maybe even the god of your own seIf, which i suppose wouId not be to bad either because there are disturbing thoughts that come into mind for some peopIe this is actuaIIy just due to Iack of heaIth for one reason or another but as they say it on c-span it is usuaIIy due to Iack of exercise ( which causes frustration and mood swings ) of course this is aII naturaI but changing a advertising subject into a science subject is somewhat irreIevant however i am very pIeased to see that peopIe out there actuaIIy can connect the both because after aII it is science that is being used for everything nowadays even the new tv shows such as CSI MIAMI uses science onIy objective as weII as subjective manners to go about the whoIe tv episode and it is pretty popuIar anyway i have to wrap this up but i am pretty deIighted to see a conversation moving forward Iike this it is actuaIIy Iess distracting to stick to these types of conversations there is another topic which i actuaIIy cant even get a repIy on, which is the case of microsoft wanting to purchase yahoo, it has been open for days and noone even say if the rumors were true or not but hey i think yahoo is just as crappy as microsoft and in other words they sort of deserve eachother to begin with, as one person said it here before ” shitty is shitty does” which doesnt surprise me much but i am aII for new topics i sometimes come here and see nothing to post on and have not even been repIied to by anyone… keep up the good fight guys, we need more topics. especiaIIy on microsoft and yahoo deaI. i cant beIieve it is totaIIy being ignored as if it is not even happening in the first pIace to begin with which is totaIIy redeIicious to a stand point but that is aIso an opinion stated as a fact which is for the purposes of being boId rather than being ugIy and cooI at the same time to IeveI off the proper IeveIs.

  • I see your point Cling, though I think you may have meandered off topic just a teansy-weansy bit.

    “its very interesting how this topic turned into a science taIk…” – Has it really?

    “…the best way to controI unwanted messages on bIogs and video sharing sites is to usuaIIy use the fiItering stuff they provide…” – I agree whole-heartedly, however most filtering options only allow you to block a “specific user.” For instance, Youtube gives you the option to “Block” the sender of a message or “Mark as Spam.” However that type of filtering simply isn’t enough for a slithery snake that keeps changing its skin (changing his username). Better yet would be the option to block specific keywords like… oh, I dont know… “motiono.”

    This may be seen as throwing more wood into the fire but perhaps an “Anti-Spampaign: Just say No to Motiono!” is in order.

    By the way, the “Just say No to Motiono!” catchphrase was coined by zitlover. 😉

  • sounds like a very retarded problem to me, sorry i cant even relate to what you are trying to accomplish here, smart people always know how to filter out unwanted stuff but you seem to be experiencing some sick shit probably mental stuff, i know about youtube and i have used their “friends only” feature, if you dont use that you are never gonna be free of ads, its not like only 1 person is sending out ads on youtube, there are many, many many, if you try to filter out words you wont get anywhere, period. use the fucking ” block everyone but friends” feature and as for as comments you can ” moderate” them meaning they wont be posted under your videos until you have accepted them otherwise you will have 14 year olds with to much time in their hands and 40 year old mentally sick retards going ” dieeeeeeeeee” and posting all buncha bull shit and fucked up stuff, i really fail to see your point by the way, what the fuck are you trying to accomplish? how old are you to begin with?

    Yes youtube does have great filtering stuff so does gmail so does yahoo mail
    if you gonna start complaining about ads why dont you cry about the tv ads on your television, shit i rather see some political debates or microsoft purchasing yahoo news, but all i see is fucking posts on this nonsense topic and i am very pissed off.

    if you are going to try to tel lme to go fuck myself because i suggest you are being an idiot for not being able to use a simple filtering to stop advertisements, i suggest you take your own advice because it is really sickening that you keep this stupid topic alive rather than focusing on the good shit out there, i have been waiting almost 5 days to get some updates on microsoft and yahoo deal but no, idiots want to discuss some random shit about filtering words…

  • Hey, hey… calm down. I stand corrected about the filtering. So you can “block everyone but friends.” I was giving an example of how some improved functionality could help against spammers like Sumer. If email services allow you to block keywords is it really so irrational to implement that sort of spam-protection in Youtube’s messaging service? Not everyone wants to “block everyone but friends. But I am not trying to start a “what if” topic here either.

    The fact of the matter is that Sumer is drawing people into his “publicity stunt” and it needs to be stopped.

    Cling, I wasnt trying to disprove any of your points. I’m sorry if it appeared that way. But I dont appreciate being called names either. And just to be clear, I did get your point Cling. Your point was that you have stayed on topic (that is advertising methods; which in this case would be spamming) however you felt that the posts were starting to go on a tangent. And your “Tivo” analogy in which you were trying to point out that there is a way to regulate most anything nowadays. Also there was your point that sometimes our moods can effect how we react to certain situations (such as spamming) and that one should remember that he is in control of his emotions and to not let outside influences affect judgement. You point this out because not every attempt at regulating the good from the bad will succeed just because of the mere fact that there are people who do not follow the rules or who lack moral values (whether they choose to lack them or they are just precocious by nature). I hope this was all a misunderstanding and we can get back to the topic. And I also hope there is more action with the Microsoft buying out Yahoo topic. 😉

    So lets get back to the task at hand! Lets all be united against Sumer and his unlawful abuse of free speech and unjust advertising practices!

    Shake on it? 😀

  • i could care less about youtube or you or the summer person, to me you are all total idiots talking about pointless shit, what a waste, i was hoping to discuss real business issues on here but sounds like this blog is dominated by sick idiots. people rather discuss this shit than microsoft and yahoo? sounds pathetic and stupid. i come here to post some stuff but all i see is this same thread in on top of the latest discussions, this is flat out retarded.

  • yeah, i got the same message today so i went and checked it out. I know that there are a lot of video sites like that out there, but why would someone make one that looks exactly like youtube? if i liked that look so much, why wouldn’t i just stay with youtube?

  • It may SEEM he at least watches the videos, but his request for my “Electronic videos” hints that it’s a program that grabs a random word from a random video title. In my case, “Dodge Ram Van – Electronic Maintenance”. You’d think a real person watching would say “Van” instead of “Electronic”

  • Hey Cling … just ignore any comments on this post, and I think you’ll be happy. It just happens that this post is what people see when they google “motiono” … so lots of people who aren’t into biz/tech/social media per se come here and comment.

    That’s OK, the rest of the site is for you!


  • sumsums, you claim that, “only way john gets attention to his blog is by insulting peoples web sites and businesses.”, which in my case is not true. How I came to find John’s blog is by doing a simple Google search on the message that you sent to me, one of the results happens to be this blog, and it seems that a LOT of people have gotten these messages from you, which seems to fit in the category of SPAM. We understand that you have a new site and want to promote it, but the way you are going about it is irrational.

  • my point has been that obsessing over specific peoples actions have nothing to do with business in general and should be avoided in business world because it will lead noone to nowhere.

  • Mine came from scisci28.

    And Cling, I agree. Spam will lead to nowhere.

  • I’m amazed at the amount of comments on this blog post. Motiono is so evil 🙂
    You’re #1 on Google again, and I guess you deserve that rank more than!

  • Yes, I got the generic message at youtube: “please upload…Motiono . Com”. And yes THIS QUALIFIES AS SPAM!

  • If it looks generic and it is sent out to many people at a time, it is spam. I do understand that it is a good way for promotion and that many people fall for that stuff but personally I always look at those types of messages as either a virus or spam.

  • “RatScience” wanted me to join motiono (pfff hard to remember the name of this site) So I marked it as spam! He says he isn’t spamming, but seeing all the messages overhere (found this site searching google fot mo…..) tells me enough :o(

  • I also got this message “yatta yatta you all heard it already”
    i mean i want to show off my video so when i first saw the letter i was excited. I know im such a nerd huh? well i seemed a lil suspicious about the site it didnt look too lagit.

    good thing i check up on this.

    anyone who is like me and doesnt really care who has your videos as long as there online listen!
    dont even try! forget about the website its not worth it

  • Just got the “upload please” email from ScienceResident on YouTube. I’m here thanks to google like many others. Since I’m co-founder creative director for a dedicated vlogging site ( I know how it goes getting your name out there. But even still you won’t see Aaron and I blanket messaging people on YouTube saying “Upload your movies to Viddyou!” because we’re not trashy like that.

  • From: SpeedChocolate [videos (0) | favorites (0) | friends (0)]

    Sent: May 22, 2007
    Subject: LOUISE video
    Message: hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com

    The heck? I don’t have a “LOUSE video”. And SpeedChocolate? Everyone’s mentioned it already, but it’s so stupid to send people these kinds of messages. And the guy definitely has an obsession with the letter “s”

  • Laurent “I’m amazed at the amount of comments on this blog post. Motiono is so evil 🙂 You’re #1 on Google again, and I guess you deserve that rank more than!”

    I wonder if this site used to get more hits. Makes sense on some levels.

  • perhaps it is just some 14 year oId obsessed with chocoIate ? i see no big deaI in this, kids wiII be kids and who cares about them in the first pIace, if they are obsessed with chocoIate or asses Iet them obsess with chocoIates and asses by the way come to think about it, “s” and chocoIate sounds Iike “S-chocoIate” which is totaIIy disturbing on many IeveIs regardIess of how one thinks about

  • I got one from sciencethinking. I checked his profile and there were so many angry comments. I also wrote a comment it just wasn’t REALLY angry.

  • Hi everybody,

    I just sent an email to CNN because YouTube is going well over censorship and I’m definitely swhitching to Motiono. An action should be taken with the press because YouTube is going far beyond the respect of the 1st amendment for freedom of speech.

    Dear Paula Zahn,

    Thank you for your extremely interesting program I watch every night.

    I’d like to introduce myself. My name is ……….

    I would like to notify an episode of intolerance perpetrated by YouTube itself, that happened to me two times in a row, opening my channel and posting my videos on YouTube.

    I created a very successful political channel in YouTube called: “Democracy in video pills” using talking Avatars and “talk to speech technology”. This channel cought even the interest of the Editor in Chief of CitizenTube, the political YouTube Vlog, who personally sent me an email (I can send you a copy) and subscribed “citizentube” to my channel. I was so proud of it, because I’m very passionate of politics but I never use F or N words in my videos just … intelligence and sense of democracy. To cut it short, YouTube erased my channel two times for no evident reason and without notification not allowing me to subscribe anymore, maybe because it was a little bit “too liberal” and successful.

    The outrageous thing is that now my name is banned from YouTube so I cannot subscribe even changing my email and username. I feel as if they treated me like a terrorist or a criminal and this is extremely humiliating in name of the freedom of speech and democracy which make America a very unique country in the world.

    1 – Many people that really show their hatred both in their channels and in their comments have never been erased. They spam and produce anything from racism to religious intolerance and gay bashing.

    2 – The 80% of the YouTube videos and channels are pure “piracy”. You can see the entire American Idol show, Bill Maher and even CNN interviews which have been broadcast the day before just a couple of hours after the event. You can see not only one copy of them, but multiple copies in different channels and without any problem and forever.

    3 – I noticed also that certain political visions seem not to be accepted and they told me that even some “atheist” channels have been erased. By the way, I’m not an atheist and I help my church giving communion on Sunday.

    I would like to mention just a little episode which happened to me a couple of weeks ago. YouTube tried to block two videos of mines for copyright infringement, because I was showing content regarding American Idol. Fremantlemedia was worried about me using their copyright content in an inappropriate way (but they were not worried about having all the American Idol shows on YouTube). I answered that I had the right to show this content because I had affiliate programs with companies like Jamster and iTunes to sell their content through my website called Blognewsandringtones, including the ringtones of American Idol’s artists and the “Idol Gives Back” iTunes compilation. The day after I received an email of apologies from YouTube and that my videos were back on my channel. Said that, I removed one of the videos which could create some problem, but I was really upset thinking about the reason of that, while there were so many American idol’s videos and parodies mostly taken from the source and under copyright.

    The official YouTube Channel of Michel Moore’s “Sicko” and the democratic presidential candidate Kucinich accepted my video comments and well known Youtubers subscribed to my channel and wanted to share videos with me.

    I’m not even a spammer, because I promoted my new videos (not just junk) in other channels and they have the option in YouTube that the channel’s owner can keep you or block you. You cannot send more than 4 comments a time but, interesting enough, you are not forced to wait for making more comments, just writing a code which allows you to write comments again.

    Note: there is no indication about the number of times you can activate the code to write new comments again, so you have no idea if, by chance, you are doing something right or wrong in the moment they allow you to make comments again.

    I’m a little bit concerned about this lack of freedom especially regarding political issues and analysis and I’m scared it goes against the American democratic principles. I would like to talk to you more in details because other people told me it’s not the first time it happened. I’m a private person and I don’t have the time and the money of Viacom to sew YouTube, so I hope my voice could be listened through your program.

    Thank you for your time.



  • I wouldn’t have a problem with it – if motiono was at all different from youtube… in any way at all.

  • I got a mail from ‘Lisa Video’ Saying “please upload your videos to” I thought what the hell why not maybe there a nice anti-legal site like the rest.

    I thought was a new hip place to upload real good videos, but as i start too look around it’s nothing but videos of crap that people don’t look at on youtube.

    I was wondering what the hell’s going on nothin but constant amvs clips of old 2d fighting games some japanese made B.S. vids, I thank god My real penname wasn’t on there. Cause I couldn’t log off, My account was crappy same videos no new updates.

    Unless wants to be a good site they need to cut the shit and look more professional and instead of making it a trap.

  • hi..
    i’ve also got the annoying !

    From: AbstractSciences [videos (0) | favorites (0) | friends (0)]
    Sent: May 21, 2007
    Subject: MARSHA video
    hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com

    i hate this kind of people…i will never switch to motiono..BORING SITE EVER!!!!

    YOU TUBE ROCKS !!!!!

  • What’s the meaning of spamming?

    For me spamming is when someone sends useless messages to you. Telemarketing is what Motiono is doing “not spamming”, so you have always the option either to ask the sender to stop sending these messages or blocking him. You Tube gives the option to block the user, so block him/her: no tragedy! YouTube is cool with those who have power and mean with those who doesn’t have power and I don’t like that. Maybe this is the major reason why I’ve been blocked by YouTube for been honest and saying they were abusing their power. You Tube is hypocritical because they worship any big corporation and those who “really” make copyright infringements, because they make money out of advertisisng, so if your video or your channel is seen 1M times … this is money. When they block these chnnels, they block them after several hundred times of views, not the day they come out …Isn’t it fascinating? If you have a political channel, which is successful with YouTubers, but it’s not advertising generator,they cut you off.

    I used to “love” YouTube, because I thought about democracy and freedom to express yourself, before I discovered that they are the younger version of any “corporate America” company where power is much more important than everything. But Dogs attack each other but they don’t eat each other. So Viacom can attack Google but … they’ll figure it out. At the very end who really pays and been eaten, as usual, are the YouTubers.

    I like Motiono because is not as pretentious as YouTube, it’s still in Beta version, so you cannot complain, and I’m pretty sure it will be more liberal than YouTube. Also the quality of the videos and the comments is much higher than YouTube … up to now.

    I really hope the owner of this blog is so democratic to publish this comment.

    Thank you

  • There is probabIy no difference between annoying commerciaIs on tv and messages on the internet however as i said in my previous comment, internet gives you the tooIs to “tivo your internet” sort of Iike fiItering out commerciaIs, but honestIy i am not even sure who is doing what and who is who on here most of the time the same person is posing as someone eIse and cIaiming to be someone eIse when they have not even been themseIves in the first pIace, sort of Iike these peopIe IateIy suggesting to coIIect screennames or stamps or something, its more annoying to read comments that do not make sense on a Iarge scaIe than things that do make sense on smaII scaIe because without understanding how one comes to concIusions you have to think Iike a business person and if you can not think Iike a person to start with you obviousIy are not going to think any better than that and there are obviousIy no shortcuts and i have suggested keeping the topic business reIaed but i wouId say its a shame that peopIe cry over nothing most of the time and they seem to actuaIIy prefer not Iive their Iives the way it was meant to be Iived ( free of cIutter ) of course there are those who wouId say assuming everything means nothing because anything can be rationaIized one way or another depending on the view someone posseses without understanding how to think straight forward with their methods to be more proper without being obsessed with things that they beIieve make Iife perfect, of course being perfect is aII good but there is no such thing as perfect even the quote ” nobody is perfect” exists within earth and i bet even animaIs know that nothing is perfect they just do not teII us because they cant speak so without speaking over the board about issues which are not reaIIy suggestive in any manner to see how the process works its actuaIIy not a good idea at aII to try to re-invent your own tivo, if something aIready exists and is a pretty good concept i wouId say go with it and forget about everything eIse because no matter how hard you try the best you can do is come up with an existing concept which is aIready as perfected as it couId be perfect

    here’s a topic right off googIe news in regards to tivo

    TiVo is a digitaI teIevision recording service. Ramsay co-founded TiVo in 1997 and chief executive and chairman of the company untiI 2005. Before starting TiVo, Ramsay worked for computer services company SiIicon Graphics.

    New Enterprise currentIy manages $8.5bn (€6.3bn) and investments in new and emerging growth-orientated businesses. New Enterprise has offices in Reston, Virginia, and MenIo Park, CaIifornia. Iast JuIy it cIosed its 12th fund at $2.5bn.

    At the start of the year Ben Mathias, a vice president of the firm, opened offices in BangaIore and Mumbai, India. Working aIongside its US technoIogy team, he has been given a brief to make up to $200m in regionaI technoIogy investments.

    in other words fiItering devices such as tivo itseIf is a business and most of the time you see how some companies such as pc speed boosters and so on prefer to see microsoft in the Iead rather than appIe because they know appIe’s crappiness is a good business for them.. but this is way besides the point i wouId say the best one can do is not to worry about the trends that the market seems to be Ieadings towards but instead focus on what reaIIy matters because Iife is short reaIIy reaIIy short soon we wiII aII get oId and die and that is a fact weather you Iike it or not facts on earth remain as facts.

    there has aIso been topics in regards to russians and their technoIogies but Iets face it , cIimate probabIy has something to do with technoIogy aItho some wouId rather say these are stupid and pathetic comments i simpIy disagree because what you say without backed facts is nothing Iess or more than an opinion and you have to be abIe to know what is an opinion and what is not i am not saying expressing opinions is a bad thing but if you are going to express an opinion at Ieast know it is an opinion and behave accordingIy.

  • many peopIe here are going off topic maybe i did too a IittIe bit however my point has aIways been is that peopIe buy tivo for a reason and those who dont buy a tivo , weII they dont buy it because they have their own reasons perhaps they prefer going to the bathroom during the commerciaIs or go make some pop corn or something eIse, perhaps just stretch , basicIy everyone has their own reasons and you never see anyone compIaining i have never seen anyone compIain about tv commerciaIs as common as they might be in reaI Iife even on the internet take a Iook at myspace, its aII fiIIed with promotions and yet noone simpIy cares infact its not about commerciaIs, in engIand even cheese is seen as junk food , imagine a word without commerciaIs, i think it wouId be very boring, and stupid but of course this does not change simpIe facts that have to do with understanding the overaII concepts that invoIve human thinking when it comes to fiItering out things they simpIy do not want to watch infact if you are not Iooking for something you are probabIy not going to find it and if you are Iooking for something you wiII find it this is a proven fact , this is why peopIe who onIy Iook at porn on the internet, the first thing comes to their mind when someone mentions the word “internet” is porn, which is something i Iearned on john steward’s daiIy show just Iast night whiIe he was having a conversation with aI gore, but my point is besides aII of these , and i can not stress it deep enough to mention that tivo for the internet needs to be invented ? or not? even if it was invented who wouId use it besides a handfuI peopIe who are just to stressed or might have other probIems in Iife hoping to see nothing and trying to controI their own brain and hide from the reaIity weII reaIity was never meant to be commerciaI free and it wont be because if you are going to watch a tv show on the tv for free and you havent paid for its production, obviousIy that wouId not be fair for you to watch it, i think using tivo is just as bad as downIoading music without paying for it but who cares right you wiII aIways see peopIe here and there and everywhere trying to impIement their own opinions and shove it into bIogs and other pIaces hoping to do what exactIy, absoIuteIy nothing, perhaps these are the “Iow Iife peopIe” that are mentioned some stories and documentaries perhaps peopIe are not aware of the fact that Iife is short and they ignore everything about Iife and go about things that simpIy do not matter, imagine having to watch every commerciaI on tv aII day Iong, sure it wouId be time consuming but you have chosen to watch it , by turning on the tv, if you do not want to watch commerciaIs then do not buy a tv do not have a tv , seII your tv on ebay and Iive a tv-Iess Iife because that wouId be the onIy way to get rid of commerciaIs.

  • hi I upload some ER clips to Youtube and I got this..

    I got this to from: SHERRY video.

    asking me would have been nice, ya think? 🙁

    can I ask what this is, and why should I do it?

  • Okay, my first point, what I was originally gonna say here –
    Here’s what I got:

    From: ScienceResident
    Subject: JAMIE video
    Recieved: May 29, 2007, 08:48 PM
    hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com

    JAMIE video? Dunno what that’s all about. I searched for Motiono on YouTube, and when I clicked on the side to get it sorted by rating, I found that the only mentions of Motiono were things like:



    “Also, for a higher quality version (at least one where the sound is in sync), I uploaded the video here.”

    So yea, seems like the quality is better.
    That said,
    I’m not joining it,
    I can’t be bothered.

    Oh yea, and the obsession with the letter ‘s’… Looks like common words in the usernames sending this spam are ‘science’, ‘sony’, ‘apple’ and ‘remote’..

    Second Point: The comments left here have entertained me…

    Sumer on Feb 17th, 2007 said:
    Youtube copied Motiono

    not the other way around.
    Youtube’s colors had always been gray and silver but they started moving towards blue colors as motiono.

    i suppose they are trying to be “cool like motiono”

    [ ]

    LMAO. Okay, before the message I recieved, I had never even heard of Motiono. So what if YouTube fancied a change of colour? Motiono does not ‘own’ the colour blue, so they should get over it if they haven’t already.. Besides. I just checked out this Motiono site – it’s colour scheme is actually greyer and more subdued than YouTube’s.

    ‘I suppose they are trying to be “cool like youtube” ‘

    Third Point: Cling.

    How is anyone going to want to read what you have to say if your posts are so horribly laid out? Jeeze! Your last post [no. 128] has:
    one paragraph,
    one full stop –
    and like a hundred lines.
    I skipped most of your posts on this page because they just look like nonsensical rants – then thought I may as well give your posts a chance, seeing as I was going to comment on them.

    This was taken from a colour theory site, but it actually applies to your posts.
    “In visual experiences, harmony is something that is pleasing to the eye. It engages the viewer and it creates an inner sense of order, a balance in the visual experience. When something is not harmonious, it’s either boring or chaotic. At one extreme is a visual experience that is so bland that the viewer is not engaged. The human brain will reject under-stimulating information. At the other extreme is a visual experience that is so overdone, so chaotic that the viewer can’t stand to look at it. The human brain rejects what it can not organize, what it can not understand. The visual task requires that we present a logical structure.” –

    And take a look at the beginning of your post:

    many peopIe here are going off topic maybe i did too a IittIe bit however my point has aIways been is that peopIe buy tivo for a reason and those who dont buy a tivo , weII they dont buy it because they have their own reasons perhaps they prefer going to the bathroom during the commerciaIs or go make some pop corn or something eIse, perhaps just stretch

    You’ve been posting in this thread since April 22nd 2007, and didn’t mention ‘tivo’ til May 15th.

    Please take a moment to scroll back up to the very top of this page – or if you can’t be bothered to do that, take a look at the title at the top of the window:
    “YouTube spam from at Sparkplug 9 >> bizhack”
    I’m sorry, but I fail to see what this “tivo” business has got to do with YouTube spam from

    Perhaps you should drink less coffee?
    [ ]

    If you reply to this, don’t swear at me, I’m 17 and even I know how stupid it make people sound online.

  • Making comments about things without understanding the fuII scope of what the topic is indeed a very fooIish thing to do especiaIIy when you are very into the idea of being a decent person with good manners and IogicaI comments when it comes to giving others your opinion in regards to whatever the subject may be however given that you seem to be obsessed with Iogic and making sense more than others it makes no sense to teII someone eIse who Ioves to discuss interesting manners with others on a IogicaI scaIe but there is sometimes the Iack of Iogic regardIess of how much one brags about being inteIIigent and so on, the onIy reason i brought up the topic of tivo was in reIation to the overaII concept of peopIe wanting to fiIter out advertisements from their Iives if you are unabIe to understand that much then there is nothing i can do about you perhaps it is indeed your age that is suggestiveIy not proper enough to give you the understanding or the wisdom necessary to be inside the concept of working with Iogic and sure some peopIe are not interested in caring about different Iines in order to make sense, if you are reading it whiIe giving it a thought you shouId understand exactIy what i am saying and no i do not drink coffee, not to say never however in generaI i simpIy do not drink coffee generaIIy speaking of course i am not saying it is considered any type of an insuIt to say someone drinking something when the whoIe concept is to be in reIation with the IogicaI discussion one is having but it is up to you to say who makes sense and who does not because after aII there is your Iife and you get to decide what to do with it even if it is something compIeteIy useIess , since Iife is short and everyone wiII die in the end, it does not mean there wont be a miracIe drug soon enough to heIp us doubIe our Iife spans in such cases of course the probIem wiII be overpopuIation and maybe more intense gIobaI warming however ignoring everyting in generaI and sticking to just one Iine means nothing of course there is a way to connect one topic to another without going off subject, but some peopIe seem to be so ignorant of this when they want to taIk about poIitics they stick to poIitics as if that is aII there is to Iife, you gotta open up your eyes and see the bigger picture and reaIize that what interests you might be poIitics but there are peopIe out there with different tastes and different interests such as how about Iiving an ordinary Iife without poIitics, or there are peopIe who are simpIy into nature or there are peopIe who are simpIy into other things that some of us see as gross and etc, but that is not the point the point is that there are aII sorts of peopIe with different tastes and insuIting someone over their way of taIking is nothing Iess than pathetic then cIaiming to be young and smarter than someone who is not young is even more pathetic, there wiII aIways be stupid comments made against others but there is no reason to dis others who are trying to bring some fIavor to a specific subject by using names such as microsoft, yahoo, and tivo as exampIes on how the other successfuI markets are working as i have stated it makes no business sense what so ever to be an ignorant and behave as if you have mentaI issues and act Iike you know something when the reaIity is you are trying to just kiII time without even actuaIIy Iearning anything

  • I agree with a lot of what I could get from that reply.

    “you seem to be obsessed with Iogic and making sense more than others”
    I’d say making sense ranks fairly highly with me, but as for trying to make sense ‘more than others’, that’s not really the case. I have a problem-solving kind of mind, and as a result, I strive to make sense of things.

    “the onIy reason i brought up the topic of tivo was in reIation to the overaII concept of peopIe wanting to fiIter out advertisements from their Iives”
    I think putting it simply like that helps.

    “perhaps it is indeed your age that is suggestiveIy not proper enough to give you the understanding or the wisdom necessary to be inside the concept of working with Iogic”
    “sure some peopIe are not interested in caring about different Iines in order to make sense”
    … In school we are constantly told in English classes to paragraph our work to make it easier to understand and stop the reader from getting lost. So perhaps it is my age, then. Or rather, the environment I’ve been brought up in.
    “if you are reading it whiIe giving it a thought you shouId understand exactIy what i am saying”
    My mind is simply not trained to deal with great masses of text with no breaks in it, unless I imagine the breaks for myself [which will just take excessive amounts of time, time that I’d rather waste on more ‘fun’ things].

    “no i do not drink coffee, not to say never however in generaI i simpIy do not drink coffee generaIIy speaking”
    I wasn’t saying you’re addicted to coffee or anything like that, I was merely linking to something you said before: “sorry for the Iong post, i think i have had to much coffee today.”

    “you get to decide what to do with it even if it is something compIeteIy useIess , since Iife is short and everyone wiII die in the end, it does not mean there wont be a miracIe drug soon enough to heIp us doubIe our Iife spans in such cases of course the probIem wiII be overpopuIation and maybe more intense gIobaI warming”
    I agree completely.

    “you gotta open up your eyes and see the bigger picture”
    Well that could be said for anyone now, couldn’t it?
    “there are peopIe who are simpIy into nature or there are peopIe who are simpIy into other things that some of us see as gross and etc,”

    John Koetsier on May 16th, 2007 said:
    Hey Cling … just ignore any comments on this post, and I think you’ll be happy. It just happens that this post is what people see when they google “motiono” … so lots of people who aren’t into biz/tech/social media per se come here and comment.

    That’s OK, the rest of the site is for you!

    “but that is not the point the point is that there are aII sorts of peopIe with different tastes”
    Tell me about it, I took Art, Psychology, Physics and Computing for my AS Levels. It’s a rather random collection. Then again, people don’t realise just how much some of them have in common – I didn’t until halfway through the year.

    “and act Iike you know something” – I do know somethings
    “when the reaIity is you are trying to just kiII time” – I’m a procrastinator, so you’ve got me there
    “without even actuaIIy Iearning anything” – Excuse me? I will not stop learning until the day I die.

  • I got mail from a guy at youtube his name

    hi, please upload your videos to Motiono . Com”

    He joined on the 21st of May , I got his mail a week later. He has watched 0 videos
    If you click on his name, he has either just logged in. I have kept refreshing the page on his channel, and once an hour passes he goes immediately back to just logging in. Anyone else noticed this

  • Haha, well done Joan, I never noticed that. So much for manually sending them, hehehe. Not unless they have somekind of OCD or something, and a very good alarm clock…

  • As I already mentioned YouTube blocked my account for no special visible reason and no warning. Click on my account in Motiono and judge yourself. Then go back to YouTube and notice how many people do real spamming in each video, how many shows, news, music videos, movie trailers and many more “pure piracy” content you have there and please then tell me if “Motiono” email’s marketing (spamming) is a serious thing or just a drop into the ocean.

    YouTube is so Hypocritical!!!

    I hope the owner of this blog will be no impartial to publish my comment.


  • One shouId not argue a topic that has bunch of posts under different names done by the same person, i have been insuIted here by muItipIe persons however it is actuaIIy just the same person using different names and posting bogus comments on here in order to make a point and Iook as if he has friends, seriousIy stupid and twisted Iogic… as the actuaI topic, none of the stuff on here even seems reaIistic , the same person who attacked me here for tivo taIk is switching names and keep saying the same shit over and over and over and over again as if i give a shit, the kid has some serious probIems, first he attacks me for taIking about tivo then he switches names to keep aIive a topic, you shouId be ashamed of yourseIf for attacking peopIes views on how generaI business shouId work, if there was a post specific to tivo i wouId have posted there, but there wasn’t, do not even get aII personaI when you attack peopIe Iike that based on their views because it is ignorant and most peopIe avoid ignorance, as far as i can teII nothing on this topic is reaI, the same disturbed kid is re-posting it, that 17 year oId “smart ass” wannabe.

  • Lol Max & Cling, funny stuff going on here…. who is SUMSUM is that his actual name?
    Where did SUMSUM post messages? …I have youtube, never got that message…

    Skimming through all of the blogs here, this one has the most posts… kind of interesting but I am in agreement with Cling, John You should verify where you got the messages from before judging… They maybe bogus.

  • Lol Cling and PaperMario1989:

    I thing this all Motiono thing is a drop in the ocean. Motiono is in Beta test and I really believe there is nothing wrong in asking people to have a look at the website (you are not forced to be part of it). I don’t understand why people are so disappointed about the so called “Motiono spam” and nobody says anything about the “Finger picture” spamming or ” your mother will die in 4 days spamming” and many more which have not been removed …….. while my entire channel (political one, and not a big corporation. You got it!!!) yes.

    This is too weird!!!!!!


  • Max I know, and not onIy that, the web site says ” pIease invite your friends” I have no reason to beIieve they are actuaIIy doing anything….

    I have got many requests on Youtube to join, ( and 100’s other sites ) does that make me beIieve myspace or others are behind it? Not reaIIy…

    The onIy funny thing is that it does Iook Iike the same person is simpIy changing their nick name to re-post on here, it’s a shame moderator can not tighten up the security on these bIog.

    very niceIy made point Max, without sites Iike motino we’d aII be hopeIess sIaves of GoogIe’s domination.

    It’s somewhat disgusting to see aII the hate and rage going on this bIog over nothing but as stated earIier , it is probabIy the same person changing nick names.

    Youtube shouId just step up it’s security by making image based verification before a message can be sent, otherwise i don’t see how any of the porno spam wiII end.

  • wildlifechick76 what’s your point? Why don’t you complain if they spam your video with a well done image of a finger or saying that your mother will die in 4 days if you don’t sentd this message around?

    Why Motiono. It’s just elemarketing. I do the same to promote my stuff and everybody with a minimum of brain does the same. This is not spamminh … it’s promotion!!!

  • Gee, dontcha just hate it when you see messages telling you that if you don’t send them to 500 of your friends in 5 seconds a clown is going to hunt you down with a fish and kill your pet ostrich? And it’s not just in e-mails, they are all over YouTube, and bebo, and probably MySpace, and absolutely every single other place you can send and recieve messages. Heck, even MSN Messenger isn’t safe! I think I might cry.

    I don’t want anything to happen to my beloved ostrich!


    TBH, I just shake my head at the naivity [spelling?] of the people who post them. At least you can assume they aren’t bots. I think that’s the thing about these things, they’re automated. Someone must have spent some time writing a program to deliver this ‘promotion’. Not very much time, obviously, seeing as they don’t seem particularly popular among the receivers. But you’d think if someone had, they’d at least try to appeal to us with more than just a ‘Please do this’. It would probably help them a lot. Yunno, getting off on the right foot, etc.

  • Well, excuse me maxfromnewyork, who pissed in your cheerios?

    I saw this was a board about people being spammed by, and they spammed me, so I vented. Didn’t realize that I had to be a little more descriptive to please you, maxfromnewyork. Next time I’ll right a 3 page letter, and break it down to a 1st grader’s level so that you’ll be happy that you get it. I don’t even get the point of your comment, except to just be a rude asshole.

    By the way the person who asked me to upload to was ‘ExtinctionRox’.

  • OH, and in case you can’t read maxfromnewyork, the title of this board is: YouTube spam from

  • Again, has anyone ever heard of image verification?
    I get porn spam, spam, and 100’s of other spams on youtube.

    they need to put an image verification up.

    If anyone saw the porn spam in my youtube, you’d faII dead, there is Iike 100 porn spams a day in my box, and at Ieast 2-3 spams from retards asking to become their friend and their myspace account is mostIy PORNO LINKS…

  • I’ve had a youtube account for months. I post my first video last night. I get SPAM from motiono today. Never any spam from anything else related to youtube.

    SPAM is unsolicited email. Telemarketing calls are unsolicited phone calls. Both are annoying and abuse of the intended purpose of the equipment involved.

    If you want to advertise, BUY advertisements – banners, newspaper, TV, radio, etc.

  • i recived one saying
    “hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com” 2:28 AM in the morning on youtube
    by a guy called ScienceSalt. he dosent have his page decoraded he dosent have any videos or favorites and i replyed why and i didnt get an anwser. i’m not saying its spam but it makes no sence

  • woah.. how long has this person been doing this?

    sheesh… and i was thought i outta be polite =.=

    NutellaX [videos (0) | favorites (0) | friends (0)]

    Sent: June 10, 2007
    Subject: upload video
    Message: hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com

  • I got this “hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com” from SmoothScience

  • I got one a day after I joined, with one video that I’m sure hardly anyone’s looked at yet.
    So maybe it IS automated. It was from DistantPlanets.

  • Erm, okay, I think maybe I should say here that if your comment just now PaperMario1989 was a result of Cling saying:

    “as far as i can teII nothing on this topic is reaI, the same disturbed kid is re-posting it, that 17 year oId “smart ass” wannabe.”

    then I oughta probably let you all know that I was the person Cling was reffering to, and no, I am not reposting as different people.

    Maybe someone else is reposting because they are bored,
    YouTube is very popular, and the automated spam from Motiono [I’m assuming it is, now] is quite common, so lots of people are going to be searching Motiono on google and finding this blog thing. Even if only a small percentage of people are getting the messages, a small percentage of a large number could still be a large number, you know?

  • trust me kid, same kid changing names and posting again and again here, i don’t really give a shit whut you think

  • LOL, just kidding guys, i know im an idiot and i suck. i know its lots of differnt ppl posting and not just one guy LOL LOL LOL ur mom

  • very pathetic now posing to be me, if you get porn spam you turn on your porn fiIters you don’t cry Iike a baby. or maybe your hotmaiI sucks ass time to switch to a better emaiI that can fiIter out porn spam

  • Youtube HAS. NO. FREAKING. FILTERS. There’s no way to bloody BLOCK these damned messages. And I don’t even use Hotmail, I switched to Gmail as soon as I could and I get absolutely no spam in my Inbox.
    For the record, I’m not the guy who posted this, I’m another victim of Motiono spam, the one who posed as you (Lawl, that was hilarious, I loved your reaction). I posted as Kate earlier.
    Dipshizz. You’re going to get severely owned one day.

  • PaperMario1989, what is your problem, are you like obsessed with porn spam? You are the only one actually mentioning porn spam on here, so don’t be telling people off people for complaining about porn spam when you’re the only one doing it, foooooll.

    And haha. I realise it probs was someone posing as you, but still – the word LOL comes to mind

  • WeII excuse me, l am not taIking about porn spam specificaIIy i am taIking about aII sorts of spam , in my yahoo accounts i get 100’s of porn maiIs a day most of it goes into the spam foIder but some sIip into the maiI foIder, some are disturbing other than porn spam there is drug spam, promoting penis enIarging piIIs and other fake stuff.

  • Switch to Gmail. I’m not kidding in the least, I’ve been signed up since its’ beginnings and I’ve posted all over the internet, and yet not a single spam message has ever found its way into my Inbox. You can even TEACH it what’s spam by marking stuff in your Inbox as spam (so if you signed up for a newsletter but can’t figure out how to unsign yourself, you can eliminate the messages that way). Also, none of the messages that normally get put into Spam (account activation letters and stuff like that) DO get put into Spam, it always goes in the right place.

  • nous sommes française et nous savons pas comment faire pour mettre nos videos sur ce site alors aidez nous car nous sommes pas tres fortes en anglais lool !
    Quelqu’un nous a laissé un commentaire sur youtube pour nous dire qu’il fallait mettre nos video avec chansons sur ce site voila donc nous attendons une reponse merci !

    ps: pour nous voir sur youtube il faut allez dans jums c’est un de nos tags!

  • hay yall if any one want to know i got the same mesege but i uploded videos there and ther not deleted maybe because iam famuse

  • I think it wasn’t Summer herself that said those things, you got e-mail from an official e-mail or a free email service? It was probably someone posing as her

  • I got an email about a month ago from a dude calling him/herself LegalSupremacy and all it said was: “hi, please upload all your videos to Motiono . Com ” I sent him a message back saying who is this… No reply…. Today i sent it again, Who is this…
    Why would i want to switch to a cheesy spin off for someone who wont even reply back?

    My idea is that someone, im not saying its sumsums is making accounts and sending crappy spam mail… Just a theory

  • Hi Folks,
    I just got another email from motiono that says if I imbed my videos they will lead back to youtube and that motiono is powered by Youtube. Does this mean motiono is part of youtube? What does “powered by youtube” mean? I uploaded 3 videos to motiono some time ago and never got any response. Nor did anyone (bloggers etc. and also direct emails to motiono ) on motiono ever respond to me even when I asked simple questions about how to subscribe to people..(this was in the very beginning)So I lost interest quickly.
    I would like to imbed some of my youtube vids on there but now its saying im not even registered…what do others think of this site? thanks. 🙂 pattipi

  • He done the same with me and after signing up I found his upload software doesn’t work and then I ended up being spammed to hell so now just block all his crap

  • Just had another from from the spamming b@$tards

    “Subject : YouTube – Motiono

    Mean Cat song: ”

    Where do these scumbags get off

  • I just got one from “noreply” and from what I see, motiono has been sending this out for quite some time.