Web 1.0: How NOT to foster community on your site

If you don’t really want people communicating on your site … you don’t really want feedback on your articles … you do really want to spam people … you do really want to “monetize eyeballs” … and you don’t really care that your brand is in the toilet …

Then you act very web 1.0 and have a comment registration form like ZDNet’s:

I wanted to comment on Michael Krigsman’s latest pay-attention-to-me-I’m-relevant flamebait article, only to be met by that monstrosity of a sign in form. And it’s only part one!

Note that all fields are required. Odd, for some reason they’re not asking for your credit card too! Perhaps a copy of your fingerprints or DNA would be appreciated.

Nothing says “we don’t care about our users” like a sign-in form that is so completely, so obviously, and so unashamedely commercial and self-serving.

How very web 1.0.


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  • I completely agree on the difficulty of being able to comment on ZDNet. This topic has been discussed before and I know they’re working on something easier for users.

    In any case, I did share your post with the folks at ZDNet, so please rest assured your thoughts are not being ignored. Thanks for reading my blog and ZDNet as a whole!