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Business Opportunities Filter: helping you evaluate competing options

If you’re in business, you’ve got competing priorities. I recently was facing a complex fork in the road, and rather than just picking it up … I need to understand the consequences of each direction.

What I needed was a filter to help me compare and contrast multiple competing business investment opportunities. I couldn’t find a good one online, so I made my own.

It’s now on Scribd, so if you find it helpful, feel free to download it and use it yourself.

Here’s an embed of the document, and I’ve got a couple of notes below …

Business Opportunities Filter

There’s no scoring mechanism or anything, because I feel strongly that this is just an aide, not a program that you plug information into and presto! there’s the answer. In other words, this filter will not answer the question for you.

What it will do is help you to clarify your thinking and your best data around some key issues that are important to consider before making serious investments in competing directions.


If you are evaluating more than two options, just download the Word version, flip the page orientation to landscape, add another column … and go to town.

Web 1.0: How NOT to foster community on your site

If you don’t really want people communicating on your site … you don’t really want feedback on your articles … you do really want to spam people … you do really want to “monetize eyeballs” … and you don’t really care that your brand is in the toilet …

Then you act very web 1.0 and have a comment registration form like ZDNet’s:

I wanted to comment on Michael Krigsman’s latest pay-attention-to-me-I’m-relevant flamebait article, only to be met by that monstrosity of a sign in form. And it’s only part one!

Note that all fields are required. Odd, for some reason they’re not asking for your credit card too! Perhaps a copy of your fingerprints or DNA would be appreciated.

Nothing says “we don’t care about our users” like a sign-in form that is so completely, so obviously, and so unashamedely commercial and self-serving.

How very web 1.0.