Vancouver Enterprise Forum tonight

science-world-vancouver.jpgIf you’re in the Vancouver area, kick on over to that big silver geodesic dome across from False Creek (yup, this one) for Vancouver Enterprise Forum.

Should be great … the topic is Enterprise 2.0: How Business Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Web.

You’ll hear from international technology expert and writer Dr. Paul Kedrosky on what Enterprise 2.0 is and means for your current or future business, and also from executives of three innovative new B.C. companies focusing their energies on making the web work for business. Our feature entrepreneurs include Anthony Sukow of Victoria’s Terapeak, a young firm that analyzes the emerging masses of data generated by web activity to improve decision-making and profitability. Dr. Kedrosky will also be joined by Andrew Catton of DabbleDB, a firm that has created an easy-to-use, high-quality hosted product for online storage, sharing and manipulation of enterprise data. As an online provider, DabbleDB represents the next generation of enterprise software. Our third business speaker is John Lyotier of Marqui; Marqui provides a web-based software solution that enables marketers to manage and measure their online publicity and promotion campaigns more effectively.

See you there!

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