Update on my neck injury

As I mentioned recently, my neck is not in the best of health right now.

Wednesday night I injured it somehow in the middle of the night, Thursday I was in the hospital once (and almost twice) and had to wear a neck brace or collar.

Friday morning I took the collar off, very gingerly, before getting a much-needed half hour of hot hydrotherapy (yes, I took a long shower). I didn’t put it back on the whole day, knowing that when you wear the collar, your neck muscles tend to just give up and atrophy, since they’re not being used or needed.

But simple things like getting up from a chair or – far worse – from laying down on a sofa were difficult and painful. Getting off the sofa took me about 15 minutes, with multiple sessions of neck spasms.

Today (Saturday) has been a bit better. Teresa and I went a few places with the kids – me wincing at almost every bump or pothole in the road. But although I’ve never had it quite this bad, I’ve had this type of neck trouble before, and know that I can typically expect a small improvement every day. This afternoon I even kicked the soccer ball around a little with Aidan.

Lord willing, tomorrow will be even better. I can’t wait to feel normal again, and be able to do all the things (ice hockey, baseball with the kids, etc.) I usually do without a second thought.

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  • Slowly recovering from my neck injury…

    I had a doctor’s appointment today regarding my ravaged neck (original post, follow-up).
    She’s sending me for an X-ray, to a specialist in soft-tissue neck injuries, and (probably) to get an MRI. Meanwhile, I’ll be seeing a chiropract…

  • I have been living with neck pain on and off for at least half my life. All it takes is one night of sleeping in the wrong position and I’m in pain for days. Usually once it flares up it continues till I can break the cycle. Sometimes some Doans Back medicine or Advil will do the trick, I quite often employ the hot hydrotherapy you mentioned above. The wife took some massage classes and this helps some, icee hot has saved my life a few times. Need to get back on a regular exercise program myself, always have a lot less neck problems when I workout regularly.