Producerism (yeah that’s kinda web 2ish)

Thank you Tom Guarriello for the great post on Doc Searls’ keynote at Syndicate.

Producerism is a term whose time has come. It is perhaps too much to be hoped for, but if only we could obliterate the insipid, derrogatory, disrespectful consumer that is so rampant in North American public discourse!

One paragraph for a taste:

Producerism and the live Web aren’t about “allowing” your customers to do things. It’s about recognizing that you don’t have the power to stop them from doing what they want. It’s about recognizing that the world has changed so fundamentally that your very survival is now tied up with engaging everyone in your “value constellation” in authentic relationships (you do know what authentic relationships are like, don’t you?) … not capturing their eyeballs, but making it important to them that they continue to be in a relationship with you; that their lives would be diminished if you weren’t there. Like mine would be if Google disappeared. Or Apple. Or TiVo. Or Jon Stewart.

Guarriello appropriate references the Cluetrain, which is, sadly, still unknown in so many companies I interact with every week.

Corporate dinosaurs, here’s the deal: learn or die.

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