Tiger’s nice, but he doesn’t take out the trash

It’s been almost a week since I’ve gotten Tiger. Overall, it’s been great.

I thought Spotlight was useless … until I realized today that I’ve used it 5-6 times in the past few days, probably saving myself 35-45 minutes of search time. Dashboard is pretty eye-candy-ish, but I guess I’ll find a few useful things there. Safari RSS is nice … even though I’m still deciding if I like Firefox’s implementation better.

But overall, very nice. Very solid, very stable, very fast, very clean: very good. Only one thing is still bugging me.

I take a ton of screenshots every day … probably at least 15-20 each day. That means that I end up with a LOT of “Picture 1.png”, “Picture 2.png” files on my desktop, until I clean them up, usually by trashing them after I’ve emailed them out, or attached them to bug reports, and so on.

But either Trash doesn’t like to delete “Picture 1.png” files (just like previous versions of OS X did not like to delete “Picture 1.pdf” files), or Preview hangs on to its children with a grip of death, ’cause I get a lot of these:

tiger trash collecting

It’s nothing major, but it’s a little irritating to tell your computer to take out the trash, only to get lippy teenage backtalk from the uppity appliance.

The ‘.png’ files created by taking screenpics are great … the one above didn’t even have to enter the hallowed halls of Photoshop for in preparation for uploading. Yum! Much better than PDFs.

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  • Try using Secure Empty Trash under the Finder menu until they fix this, you can assign a keyboard shortcut for it.

  • Close the mail application, then Tiger will allow the images to be deleted. Any images sent as attachments will be protected from deletion until you do so. Even if they have already been sent.