Business Blogging: Here come the ghosts

Blogs are wonderful animals, fresh and new, clean and sparkling, hi-tech but with a delightful aura of amateurism clinging to them. Right?


Just as for years business books by the bigs of the corporate world have been written, co-written, and ghost-written by professional writers hired by the big names underwriting the biz bios, blogs are being invaded by the pros.

When I say “professional blogging,” I don’t necessarily mean people who earn money off their blogs, or even people who blog about their company. I mean the ad agencies and PR firms that are now starting to offer blogging services.

I suppose it was inevitable … as blogs have become the topic du jour of the chattering classes and the method de rigeur for grassroots marketers, we’re starting to see the astroturf sneak out.

Here come the ghosts – long live authentic voices!