The Schizophrenic Austin Mini Aesthetic: Retro outside; Jetson’s Inside

Can someone please tell me what’s up with the Austin Mini?

I love the exterior of the Mini with it’s vaguely retro multi-color styling. I hate the interior of the Mini with it’s Jetson’s bulbous plastic futuristic styling.

Is there a cooler car on the market? The Mini is a beautiful vehicle the elicits rave reviews and (still) stares on the street. It’s sexy. It’s cute. It’s just aesthetically right on so many different levels. I like it. I want it.

Just look:

But then I sit inside it. Yuck! Everything is big, knobby, rounded, oval. The speedometer is a big chunky blob right behind the steering wheel. The various stalks popping off the steering column are bulbous and ovoid.

I can’t find a good photo of what you see when you sit down in the vehicle, but here’s an idea, anyways:

I can’t help but think that whoever designed this vehicle was schizophrenic. The exterior – so sleek, retro, beautiful. The interior – so busy, plastic, cartoonish.

What were they thinking?

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  • Hola q tal yo soy de Santiago de Chile y les queria dar mis felicitacion por el espectacular MINI q tienen en galeria, seial el sueño de cualquier persona
    bueno sin mas q desir de despide un Fans de los MINI chau