Thank you

Every year my wife and I try to give back in some small way in recognition and appreciation of the work that we’ve been able to do, and in thankfulness for the clients that have entrusted us with the ability to work with them.

(Our company is Sparkplug9, and while I am largely the face of the company and do the client-facing work, my wife is the CFO and much more.)

For 2021, those companies include:

  • Braintrust
  • CleverTap
  • Liftoff
  • Open Systems
  • Singular

We are incredibly privileged to work with amazing people at amazing companies, and in honor of what they’ve enabled us to do, my wife and I have made contributions to World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army, and Compassion Canada. We’ve prioritized for gifts that multiple 3X, 4X, and 7X thanks to matching donations from governments and corporations.

Essentially, our clients have enabled the provision of the following:

  • nutritious school meals
  • tech pack for a community
  • water purification kits
  • family food baskets
  • children & family food support
  • agricultural packs (seeds/tools/etc.)
  • school essentials for a classroom
  • solar panels
  • women entrepreneurship tools, supplies, training
  • COVID-19 support packs
  • medical clinic stocking kit

We’ve also donated to a number of collaborative projects which we picked in the hope that they would be long-term providers of needed resources and care for communities in developing countries:

  • Share the Cost of Constructing a Well or Reservoir
  • Share the Cost of Bringing Safe Water to a School
  • Garden Seeds
  • Hive of Honey Bees
  • Literacy Training for Women
  • Seeds and Tools
  • Share in the Cost of a Mobile Health Clinic
  • Prenatal and Maternity Care
  • Plant a Grove of Trees
  • Soap-Making Supplies
  • Small Business Support
  • Moms and Babies Fund
  • Education and Training Fund

I want to thank our clients, and I’d like to thank you. Our hope and prayer is that these gifts will improve lives, reduce inequality, and be a tangible part of the gratitude we feel for being able to do what we do.