The perfect storm: my report on MDR and modern cybersecurity

Cybersecurity attacks were up 50% in 2021, according to a report from Check Point Research. That makes perfect sense, because Covid work-from-home policies that vastly expand threat envelopes and and rampant rentable or purchasable hack kits are making attacks much easier and more widespread than ever before.

I recently wrote a report for my client Open Systems, using some of their data and insights about not only what’s going on, but how to defend from it.

A key problem: companies have way too few cybersecurity tools that don’t play well together, and far too little cybersecurity talent that is watching the shop 24/7.

In the report I detail:

  • How fast real-world problems are growing
  • Why attack surface area is spiking
  • Why everything is now cloud (even on-prem)
  • Why tools aren’t the answer by themselves
  • How the most successful organizations are now protecting themselves

Check it out on my client Open System’s website here …