Technorati rank improving, slowly

Fourteen days ago I posted on my Technorati rank, which was shattered by my move from to

My ranking was in the 90,000s, and is still higher than my other blogs: 115,668 (63 links from 24 sites). I tore that site apart and split the content between three focused blogs.

Two weeks ago, my rankings were as follows:

  1. bizhack was at 524,889 (10 links from 5 sites)
  2. art & artifice was at 612,109 (7 links from 4 sites)
  3. and my low-volume fish crackers was at 1,197,613 (0 links from 0 sites)

This week, things have changed just a little for the better:

  1. bizhack is now at 362,935 (17 links from 8 sites)
  2. art & artifice is now at 614,866 (14 links from 4 sites)
  3. and my low-volume fish crackers has cracked the million mark, at 910,472 (1 link from 1 sites)

There are still more links to my address than to my three new blogs put together, but I guess that’s to be expected. After all, I had that address for about two years of consistent blogging., on the other hand, and the three blogs I’ve now got set up here, are only perhaps a month old.

I’ll need lots of link love to make it back under 6 figures!

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