Slowly recovering from my neck injury

I had a doctor’s appointment today regarding my ravaged neck (original post, follow-up).

She’s sending me for an X-ray, to a specialist in soft-tissue neck injuries, and (probably) to get an MRI. Meanwhile, I’ll be seeing a chiropractor on Friday.

But my neck is already feeling a bit better. It usually feels a bit better every day, after this sort of injury. Today was a relatively pain-free day, and last night I only had a handful of neck spasms.

Hopefully tonight I’ll actually sleep through the whole night for the first time since I injured it last week Wednesday night, and tomorrow it will feel even better.

The thing that I’ve learned about neck spasms (what happens when some, most, or every muscle in your neck contracts as hard as it can) is that you just have to surrender to them. Relax every muscle in your body – a major challenge when you are in agony – and your neck muscles will relax as well. Fight them, and they will destroy you.

That’s what I was trying to do so ignorantly Thursday morning last week when I had to be taken to emergency.