Swiss Lock versus Formica Laminate Flooring

In this post, I talked about the travails of installing defective laminate flooring.

I am feeling a LOT better about it now. We ripped up all the old new flooring – Swiss Lock laminate – returned it, and came home with the new new flooring: Formica laminate. Much better!

The Formica doesn’t click – good.
It’s a little thicker and stronger – good.
The quality of the boards is more consistent – good.
And it’s easier to install – good.

The Swiss Lock clicked on us whenever we walked on the floor, which was irritating. And installing it, especially in tight spots, was hard, with 4 clips per board that needed to be attached, and then fitting into previously laid sections.

Once you get the hang of installing the Formic, with its slip in locking mechanism, it’s much faster and easier.

I have to give major kudos to King of Floors. They took back all the Swiss Lock and gave us Formica without charging us a cent – very nice.

I’m about 80% finished now, and happy to be where I am!

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