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  • Sumsum, I run another site that you are “sending a few personal messages” on. By my count, you’ve now sent personal messages to every user on my site at least six times. That puts you in the low 7-digts, I do believe.

    If you’re not a spammer, you have incredibly fast fingers.

  • Sumsum, you are a spammer.

    That’s all that needs to be noted. He’s not the only one that’s been sending Motiono.com promotional comments too. And it’s VERY highly irritating.

    If I want to upload somewhere else, I’ll find a place. I like YouTube. I’ll stick with YouTube. Motiono.com is just a spin-off.

    Now if you have a problem with that and hound other people about “ooh, I’m not a spammer!” Just to tell you. Yes you are. We don’t need to put up with your whining and your inability to use correct grammar in your sentences.

  • why are automated machines created to handIe today’s promotions, is this the eviI side of reaIity, why are cars buiIt to go more than 100 miIes per hour if the IegaI Iimit is 65, there wiII aIways be questions simiIar to this, however the power has to exist because it is human imagination that dictates the reaIity, noone reaIIy understands why cars are buiIt to go so fast, yet goverment has given the car buiIders the freedom to buiId cars that can go as fast as they wouId Iike.

    what comes down to ideas is giving peopIe the freedom to choose if you give peopIe freedom to choose you wiII be much better off.

    of course it is an easier route to go on the other route as repubIicans do it most of the time to start a debate about issues that shouId not reaIIy be regarded as important, which some peopIe have perceptionaI views of that such debates can be positive whiIe others beIieve it can be somewhat negative, however the way human systems work is, we are obsessed with robots and there must be a way to handIe robotic concepts that are not associated with human imagination, of course there wiII aIways be ways to automate just about anything in today’s free worId which can be good or bad depending on how one view’s the overaII function of the system.

  • You know what, I think I’m going to make a YouTube video against this Motiono spam. If you want to advertise your site, please do it on TV. >:(

  • yup it also spam me that motiono.com stuff, what will be the reaction of google to this? motiono is so similar to youtube, now this is fun, they could make a new design like other tube alike websites but motiono really tailored it much from the youtube haha…this is funny and absurd!