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If I update my blog and Technorati doesn’t notice, did I really update my blog?

(Please scroll down for numerous updates. As things change, I’ll update the updates, which will then be updated with new updates, when updatability is required. And so on.)

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Technorati is not updating its index of this blog as I ping it to notify it that I’ve updated. This has only been going on for a couple of days now, but some other bloggers have had the same issue for 45 days, 146 days, or longer.

It may, repeat may, have something to do with Technorati deciding that your blog is a splog, but I have no real evidence for that. (Only that it IS indexing my other two blogs which are right on this same server – and base domain!)

As I find out more about this problem and others that are having it, I’ll post the links here.

Apparently, I am not alone. In fact, there’s hundreds, maybe thousands, in the same nasty boat. Hmm, even more. And more! This blogger says Technorati is eating her shorts.

This issue is not new, as many posts around the blogosphere can attest. These issues, however, have not stopped Technorati from releasing new features.

If you’re having an issue as well – or especially if you had an issue and got it fixed – let me know in the comments. Thanks! Somehow we have to let Technorati know about this and make enough noise so they actually get it fixed.

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Update: Sept 1 3:14 PM
This story has been seeded to Newsvine. Please vote for it to get more volume behind the need for Technorati to fix the below issues. Thanks! ]

Update: Sept 2 12:10 PM
Technorati has started updating its index of bizhack again. I still haven’t heard from anyone there, and about 4-5 posts have fallen into the aether, but Technorati has picked up my 2 latest posts. That’s good … but there are still MANY bloggers stuck in index limbo. Some communication from Technorati about this would be a positive sign.

Update: September 4, 11:03 PM
OK, I’m in the Technorati black hole again … it’s no longer picking up my new posts. It’s now missing about 7-8 of them. Ditto last comment above: some communication would be nice.

Update: September 5, 10:23 PM
Now Technorati has forgotten that it knows my blog: on my account page it says “Errors listing claimed blogs,” and a search for bizhack in the blog directory turns up no results. Meanwhile a search for bizhack in blog posts turns up 248 links.

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  • I moved the original post you trackbacked to, back to the top of the blog and wrote another post explaining why I did so. I doubt that will help much but at least someone hears you.

  • I’m the *gal* whose shorts are being eaten by Technorati and I just contacted them again. I had a feeling this would happen…

    As they dropped my prior posts in order to pick up the newer 5 or 6 ones I’d previously let them know about, I still have received no explanation, howdy-do, or remedy so my older posts are still gone.

    In the grip of fear I published yesterday at 5:30pm. 16 hours later I went to Technorati. My new article was not there. Well maybe my software didn’t ping them. I was hoping.

    A quick click on the blog name and “Last updated 10 hours ago.” I’m not really great at math but… that means it updated 6 hours after I published and is not being reflected.

    Thanks for making a post about this. I think the Blogosphere needs to scream…But I wonder, if Technorati isn’t around, wouldn’t anyone hear it? 🙂

  • Errr … sorry about the involuntary sex change, Samsarra. I’ve edited the post.


    Great comments, btw. I’ve asked Scoble to help publicize it, but I don’t know if he’s gotten the message yet.

  • I’ve seeded it to Newsvine too. …and no sweat on the addition of testosterone minus my naturally feminine estrogen….glad to have my estrogen back though! Thanks. whew. 🙂

  • I am having the same problem. 54 days and counting. Tried the manual ping option but still not working. Three or four e-mails to Tech Support only generate auto reply.

  • My blog stopped on 10th October. Yes mine is a splog but there’s thousands of those so why would they choose mine – except that i was getting top hits perhaps? Maybe if you really work to get your blog going they dont like it?