Horses, water, and social media

The benefits of social media and business blogging are not immediately apparent to all.

I recently received an email from an Ausssie who’s trying to convince a client to open up. Names changed to protect his privacy … and his relationship with his client! Also, I’ve done some very slight editing for clarity.

Hey John,

I enjoy reading your blog – your Increase your IQ: blog article caught my attention. We too have been inspired by the Stormhoek example which has been on my radar screen for some time now, and have also been trying to get corporates interested in leveraging the blogosphere …

We (name deleted) recently won a small project with (large Australian company – name deleted). We found a small group of bloggers based on geographic location and invited them to the launch party of a new brand … and … we are now endeavouring to get (the large Australian company) to have a link on their web site to all the bloggers/podcasters.

But we have found it difficult to convince (large Australian company) to do this – full marks for getting the project started but now it’s on the way it seems (to date anyway) they lack the ‘will’ to finish the job!

That, of course, is always great fun for consultants and outsourced talent: a hanging, incomplete project that the client seems to have forgotten.

My reply:

Hi Paul,

Can be tough, hey? Horse and water come to mind.

Reality is: if the client doesn’t get it, you’re probably wasting your time. Because then even if they do it they’ll do it as a tactic or as an episode … not as a new way of doing business and communicating and seeking input and telling people who care what they’re doing.

Hope everything goes well for you. I have a few buddies in Australia, on the Perth side. Where are you?

At this point, it’s probably better not to dip your toes in the social media water than to jump in and then find out that it’s way too cold, the currents are unfamiliar, and besides, you really like your old swimming hole much better anyways.

Authenticity (or lack thereof) will surface … and the social media sphere is extremely hostile to fakery, old-style marketing, or just simple BS.