Slightly less negative on Facebook

What with the insane euphoria of the web 2.0 crowd having found something slightly less web 1.0ish than MySpace in the social networking space and the insane euphoria of the VC crowd having found a new poster child for massively inflated valuations, I’ve been trying to maintain sort of a cool distance from Facebook.

(While, naturally, having a profile that I hardly touch.)

But this morning an old buddy from school sent me a message. By old buddy from school, I don’t mean university or even high school. I’m talking elementary school.

Wow. I hadn’t even remembered his last name, but I had remembered Jaimie.

Reconnecting with someone you haven’t seen in maybe 20 years is pretty cool.

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  • Yup, thats pretty much what my feelings were about social networks were until something similar happened to me… A penpal from a lego club in my case. I dont totally get the people who spend all day on FB, but as a tool to keep in touch or re-connect, its great.