Amazon marketplace: sorry, your purchase has been sold

Yesterday I bought 27 books from Amazon – mostly from the marketplace. Why not? The book are almost new, and they’re easily half off or less.Today I got a notice that a book I bought via the marketplace was previously sold.amazonNo biggie – I just went back to Amazon, chose the next available seller for the book, and bought it again.Here’s the deal: when Amazon sends out that kind of email, they should include a link to re-purchase. That would probably increase their sales from people whose purchases are no longer available.And would make an already very usable store even more so.


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  • I buy from the Market place too. Actually many of them are in fact new! I think once I heard that because many of these sellers aren’t the original distributors of the books, the books are sold under the ‘used’ title for lower price. I remember I use to buy ‘used’ textbooks for much cheaper price, and they still had the original wrapping around them.

    Maybe someone in the book selling industry has better insight on that.