SKAN 4 transition guide for mobile marketers

One of my major consulting clients, Singular, is in the marketing measurement space. The biggest change happening in mobile marketing over the past couple of years has been happening on iOS: the movement away from granular and long-lived device-based tracking and measurement using the IDFA (Apple’s Identifier for Advertiser’s) to aggregate and privacy-safe measurement using Apple’s SKAdNetwork attribution framework.

Now that framework is transitioning from SKAN 3 to SKAN 4, and it’s a big deal.

It’s also hard, complex, and challenging.

So I wrote a guide about all the changes from SKAN 3 to SKAN 4, and all the strategic as well as technical questions mobile brands need to answer as they adjust to the new realities, and it’s now available.

Get the SKAN 4 transition guide here.

Here’s an example of just one of the pages:

skan 4 guide koetsier singular

And from the landing page:

Whether you’re new to mobile marketing or a seasoned pro, SKAN 4 is a lot to take in. Many marketers haven’t mastered SKAN 3 yet, and we’re already onto 4.

Between more postbacks, changes to web-to-app, the evolution of privacy thresholds, and more, there’s a lot marketers can take advantage of to get ahead of the competition—but it’ll require concerted effort. No need to be overwhelmed! This comprehensive guide will simplify the SKAN 4 changes, prepare you for the transition, and help you craft a strategy for iOS campaign success.

Hopefully you find it helpful!