Since adding ChatGPT, Bing’s app grew almost as much as all last year

Going viral is awesome, and not just if you’re a budding new TikTok dancer. It’s also awesome if you’re a $2 trillion public corporation and one of the titans of tech.

Microsoft’s Bing is an also-ran in the search engine wars, but adding ChatGPT gave it a mRNA-style shot in the arm. From my post at Forbes:

Last year, Bing’s mobile app had just 800,000 downloads. But in the week since Bing announced a integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, people have downloaded the Bing mobile app more than 750,000 times, peaking at over 150,000 installs a day.

Apparently, going viral works, even if you’re a massive global software giant like Microsoft.

“I’m not at all surprised by this,” says Appfigures CEO Ariel Michaeli, whose company reported the data. “There’s lots of excitement around ChatGPT right now and while it is free to access, it’s almost always unavailable unless you have a premium account.”

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