Singular ROI Index 2020: Google, Facebook, Apple Search Ads, TikTok … and the power of focus

We’re releasing the 2020 version of the Singular ROI Index today, and it’s exciting to see what’s changing in the world of mobile user acquisition.

Brief ROI Index highlights:

  • TikTok hit the list for the very first time
  • Google and Facebook: of course
  • Apple Search Ads took one more step—a giant leap—as a must-have ad partner
  • Many “small” ad networks proved their worth

Mobile changes fast, and 2019 was no exception. TikTok came from nowhere in the world of mobile user acquisition at the start of last year to be a significant global player. Apple Search Ads ranked on every single iOS leaderboard. Amazon still hasn’t touched the world of mobile user acquisition. And the power of “small” is cumulatively massive.

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