New research: Singular ROI Index 2020

Super-pumped to release what I was working on all of December: the Singular ROI Index.

We took a $6.3 billion and 2.2 billion app install slice of what Singular measures for clients like Nike, Twitter, AirBnB, Lyft, Rovio, LinkedIn, and Doordash. Then we identified which ad networks delivered the most value: return on investment.

From my intro to the report:

Every year, the Singular ROI Index identifies the top ad networks globally for exactly that measure: Return On Investment.

Because at some level, marketers don’t care that much what they spend on ads. They care what those ads return. And if that return is greater than the investment, marketers have done their jobs.

For this edition of the Singular ROI Index, we analyzed:

$6.3 billion in ad spend
Since the beginning of 2019. That’s a significant fraction of the well over $10 billion in marketing spend that Singular optimizes for global brands annually.

2.2 billion app installs
That $6.3 billion resulted in over 2.2 billion app installs. Again, a significant fraction of the total installs that Singular measures for clients.

550 ad networks
We tightened our sights this year. Instead of looking at every single one of the 1000+ media sources that Singular helps marketers optimize, we narrowed the focus to networks with some level of scale. Clearly, at over 500 there’s still a long tail. But we’ve eliminated hundreds of networks with minimal activity.

Here’s an example on one of the leaderboards:

I’m super-glad to see that Dean Takahashi covered the report at VentureBeat, Laurie Sullivan covered it in MediaPost, and Anne Freier wrote about it in Business of Apps. Plus Jon Jordan just added a post in Pocket Gamer!

To get the full Singular ROI Index for 2020, go here …