3-hour discussion on everything AI (!!!)

So I did a Twitter Space with a bunch of really smart people, and they said I could upload the results to TechFirst. The only thing … it’s literally over 3 hours.

So … listen however long you’d like!

The people on the Twitter Space include the host, Robert Scoble, as well as:

  • Bryan Talebi, CEO of Ahura AI
  • Tiarne Hawkins, director of AI at WeLocalize
  • Chris Nakayama from Nufa/Mimesis Labs
  • Ajay Juneja, CEO of Speak with Me
  • Adryenn Ashley, founder of Wow is Me
  • Martine Paris, AI columnist
  • Jon Swartz, senior reporter at Dow Jones
  • Ben Parr, co-founder of Octane AI and former tech reporter
  • John Bigs, former TechCrunch journalist

… and … of course … yours truly, John Koetsier!

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