Sidewalk: cool, simple forms

This is a test of Sidewalk. Sidewalk lets you create web forms very, very simply, and stick them on your website without any application development whatsoever – and very little technical ability or knowledge at all.

Here’s my first test … tell me something that’s cool:

The best thing about this is not that anyone can do it. (OK, maybe it is.)

But the second best thing is that I don’t have to get a developer to build something. Two minutes with this tool saves me getting a developer to build something … and saves that developer an hour of his time.

The other reason that this kind of service is really, really important, is that every company or group that has a website occasionally has the need for some totally out-of-the-box wild blue-sky widget on their site. The CEO wants to check if people who buy green widgets like salted herring, or something like that.

Well, in a traditional development world, that’s somehow got to be fit into a site or application data model. It never will. And it never should.

And now, it never has to.

I saw it first on Emily Chang’s eHub blog.

[ update May 1 ]

Two other players in a similar space: Wyacracker, and The Form Assembly. Cool thing about Form Assembly is that you can also do file uploads.


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