Plaxo thinks e-cards offer competitive advantage

Ummm … I’m a little confused by this one.

I ran over to Plaxo, a company that synchronizes contact data between you, your various devices, your friends, and anyone you want. Mostly because I saw this post which says, basically, that they suck.

Checking out their products, they offer a free service, but if you upgrade you get space for more contacts, and, drum roll please, access to their e-cards.

Oh, sorry, that’s premium e-cards.

E-cards are so done, so over, so 1997-cheesy-flash-irritating-music-childish-animation that I’m at a loss for words, really, to describe how stunning it is that any company thinks there’s competive advantage in them anymore. Even ‘premium’ ones.

Am I wrong?


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  • Yeah…I didn’t even know that one…I was actually referring to the way they didn’t allow you to opt out of their ‘spam everyone in your addressbook’ feature until they sign up (which was the only way for you to stop the insane amount of messages you got from Plaxo).

    Here is the Techcrunch take on it:

    Whew. I’m so glad that’s over…but only because they reached their goal (I managed to change my email address enough to narrowly escape their signup). In the end, very few people actually think much of Plaxo. Too bad, ’cause it may have had potential if they let it grow organically.