I went to Shekinah tonight at Abbotsford New Life church. Shekinah is produced by the Hungry for Life organization, which is dedicated to the twin goals of feeding spiritually and physically hungry people.


Two and a half hours of music, prayer, worship, praise, and sermon – all at high tempo (and high volume). I think my ears have recovered now.

I had to think of Goethe’s saying about books when I reflected on the experience. He said that a good book is as an ax to a frozen lake. That’s what Shekinah was for me. Not everything they did was done the way I’d do it, and not every person attending reacted as I would, but maybe that’s not what matters.

What matters is that I met God there. Or, more importantly, God met all of us attending. And we worshipped, and we were changed.

. . .

. . .

One more thing: they had a video clip from an amazing pastor, Danny Ambrose, on the attributes of God. I have, have, have to find that clip or soundtrack.


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  • Hey John,

    I finally noticed your comment in my guestbook at xanga.
    1. How I found your blog: I was searching myself (vanity?) on google (to confirm that my xanga site was coming up … but it still is … hmmm) and found that you had commented on some linguist blog site about the fact that I was leaving to Korea. So I just backtracked from there and found you here. (A stalker in the making?)

    2. I used to attend Shekinah frequently in Chilliwack. It was great. I really think worship should encompass all the arts and be about us bring all of our talents to God and us and God meeting together.
    It’s different than what we have grown up with. To blend all the different denominations together would just be pure awesomeness.

    3. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    4. See you in a couple of weeks.

  • Glad you found it, Quentin … looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your experiences in Korea.

    (I did some consulting for The Linguist, and that included some social media stuff like blogs … glad you backtracked me all the way here!)