Zooomr: free photo-sharing accounts for bloggers

Though a fairly committed pro member at Flickr, I’ve been getting interested in Zooomr lately.

It’s one of a lengthy series of Flickr competitors out there, and right now, it’s mostly notable for a Very. Lengthy. Delay. In. Getting. Beta. 2.0. Launched.

(The delay is not their fault – it’s due to a some black-hats who were implementing a denial-of-service attack – probably trying to extort money. I wonder if it’s the person who snapped up Zoomr … which some domain squatter is sitting on.)

But they do seem to have some cool tech, including geo-location of photos (my next camera must have integral GPS) and lots of information about who, how, and when people are looking at your photos.

Perhaps most interesting (to bloggers) is that they are now offering free accounts (to bloggers).

Sounds good. Sounds like it’s worth a try.