Selling with 9/11: disgusting free Xbox 360 offer

2towersad.jpgFew things are more revolting than trying to cash in on death and disaster. So I wasn’t too impressed when I saw a Flash banner ad based on the 9/11 terrorist attacks for

I took a screenpic – you can see it to the right. The twin towers are in the distance; there’s a jet plane aiming at them, and the ad invites you to take it out by click your mouse and firing at the airplane.

When you do, of course, you go here. (Note: some affiliate gets credit when you click that link – you can also just choose this link to see the same thing without benefiting someone who’s running these kinds of ads.)

It’s an opportunity to get a “free” Xbox 360, and like all these sleazy come-ons, you have to complete one “offer” (e.g., sign up for a credit card) and suck up to 10 of your friends to do the same thing in order to get the free product.

Is it appropriate, however, to use a depiction of an event that killed thousands of people to promote a two-bit MLM-ish scammy marketing offer?


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  • That’s insane. They are probably trying to make their advertisement “viral” by making it absurd. The sad part is, it will end up working in the end since clicks usually equal money. People will be shocked to see the ad, so my bet is that they would naturally click on it in as they think “no way, what bozo company created this ad?”.

    I agree with your answer – the type of advertising depicted isn’t suitable for ANY type of business.