100 million and counting: what about you?

Netcraft says there are now more than 100 million websites. (Also at CNN and KLTV.)

There were just 18,000 Web sites when Netcraft, based in Bath, England, began keeping track in August of 1995. It took until May of 2004 to reach the 50 million milestone; then only 30 more months to hit 100 million, late in the month of October 2006.

Look at the curve. Note that there’s a land grab still happening as the number of domains is outpacing the number of actively updated sites:


Interesting, isn’t it?

But the far more relevant question is: where will it be in 2008? And, how are you positioning yourself for the huge growth that is still coming? If you’re online right now, you have a huge advantage. Keep it up, keep getting better, and who knows where you could be in two years.

A very tiny slice of a very, very large pie is very large slice.

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