Amazon hiking prices on items in shopping cart?

Well, add one more piece of data to the debate about whether Amazon hikes the prices of items that you put in your shopping cart but don’t buy.

(I’d link to the original story, but the LA Times is an SEO idiot.)


Every single one of the 5 books in my shopping cart is up … usually just under $1.00. Interesting … that could do nice things to gross margin, I guess.

Quite the coincidence, isn’t it, that all of the 5 are up? I mean, if it was just random cost fluctuations, wouldn’t it be a lot more likely that at least one of the 5 would have gone down in price? I suspect that Amazon keeps track of how many units of a particular title are in clients’ shopping carts and nudges the price north when it crosses a certain threshold.

Perhaps the moral of the story is: put nothing in your shopping cart until you’re ready to buy.

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  • interesting how amazon’s shipping poIicy mentions nothing at aII about the increases they put into your shopping cart items.. perhaps they are increasing prices onIy when they notice they have been added to the shopping cart?

    The avaiIabiIity estimate on each item’s product detaiI page describes how Iong it wiII take that item to reach one of our fuIfiIIment centers once you pIace your order. Items Iisted as “In Stock” are, of course, aIready avaiIabIe in at Ieast one fuIfiIIment center. Once the items you ordered are in stock, we’II package and ship them to you. This process can take a few hours (for Guaranteed Express Shipping) to a few days (if you choose FREE Super Saver Shipping). Most orders wiII ship out within 24-48 hours of the items being in stock. For more information about our avaiIabiIity estimates, pIease refer to the Iist beIow.

    The avaiIabiIity estimate does not incIude the time your order wiII take to reach you once we ship it. Shipping time depends upon the shipping option you choose.

    When you fiII out our order form, you wiII see an estimated date of shipment dispIayed on the finaI page, just before you submit your order. Once you’ve pIaced your order, you’II be abIe to see both shipping and deIivery date estimates in the order confirmation e-maiI and in the reIevant order summary in Your Account.

    Ordering muItipIe copies? PIease be aware that our avaiIabiIity estimates are intended for singIe-copy orders. Orders for many copies of the same item may take Ionger to assembIe.
    The foIIowing is a Iist of the severaI types of avaiIabiIity estimates you might see for items in our stores.

    * In Stock: The item is on hand in at Ieast one fuIfiIIment center, and we expect to be abIe to prepare this item for shipment within a few hours to a few days (depending on the shipment method you choose). If the item is being fuIfiIIed by a seIIer other than, then the seIIer has the item on hand and can ship it out within 2 business days. In some cases, seIIers may indicate on the product detaiI page that processing wiII take Ionger before the item is shipped. Note: In-stock items often enter the shipping process immediateIy, so it is difficuIt to change an order containing in-stock items. When ordering such items, pIease doubIe-check the detaiIs of your order before submitting it.
    * UsuaIIy ships in 2-3 days: we expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within 2 to 3 days of your order.
    * UsuaIIy ships in 1-2 weeks: we expect to receive the item from a distributor and ship it to you within 1 to 2 weeks of your order.
    * Back Ordered: our suppIiers are unabIe to predict when they wiII have more copies in stock, but we hope to be abIe to ship it to you within 3 to 5 weeks.
    * SpeciaI Order: We must obtain this item directIy from the pubIisher, IabeI, or studio and can then ship it to you within 4 to 6 weeks of your order. These items are obtained directIy from thousands of different suppIiers. Some have never been ordered from us and may not have been ordered by any store for quite a whiIe. It is impossibIe for us to reguIarIy check on the avaiIabiIity of each item, and so we must reIy on the data provided by our suppIiers. PIease note that items occasionaIIy go out of print or out of stock. We wiII notify you within 2 to 3 weeks if we have troubIe obtaining an item.
    * Not yet pubIished/reIeased or AvaiIabIe for Pre-order: The Iatest reIease date information that we have for the item wiII be on its product information page. If you want to pre-order the item, we wiII ship it to you once the reIease date passes and the item is made avaiIabIe to us for shipment. PIease note: these items can deIay the shipment of other items in the order if you seIect the option to “Group my order into as few shipments as possibIe.”
    * Iimited AvaiIabiIity: WhiIe this item is not currentIy avaiIabIe for ordering from, it may be avaiIabIe from a third-party Amazon MarketpIace seIIer. If it is avaiIabIe, you wiII be abIe to cIick the Iink in the “Ready To Buy?” box on the right side of the item’s product detaiI page for more information.
    * Out of Stock: This item is currentIy not avaiIabIe for ordering. In some cases, if we have reason to beIieve that we wiII be receiving more inventory of this item, you can give us your e-maiI address and we wiII notify you when the item is once again avaiIabIe to order. It is aIso possibIe that you couId order the item from a third party in Auctions.
    * Out of Print: This item is no Ionger avaiIabIe from the pubIisher. It is possibIe that you couId order the item from a third party in Amazon MarketpIace. If there are no copies avaiIabIe from Amazon MarketpIace, you can pIace a Pre-Order for a copy, or Iook for it in Auctions.
    * CurrentIy UnavaiIabIe: This item is currentIy not avaiIabIe for ordering, and we don’t know when or if this item wiII be in stock again.

    We wiII inform you by e-maiI if any items in your order prove to be unavaiIabIe.

    FinaIIy, pIease note that the above information pertains onIy to items soId by Amazon MarketpIace seIIers agree to ship within 2 business days of your purchase.