Office Reno – Finally!

I have been trying to get my office redone for almost half a year … and finally, about 3 weeks ago, the last stages of it were completed.

And, since I just bought my digital camera, I can show off the results!

Main office 1

This is part of the main office. Carl’s (website) empty desk is in the far corner. Near bottom left is our conference table, and bottom right is a spare desk for consultants or others who are working with us.

Main office 2

This is just to the left of the main office. Mike’s (website) desk is at the top, and that’s the Mikester himself standing proudly by his PC (why anyone would be proud about a PC I have no idea). The conference table is at the bottom, and our very hip whiteboard (six panes of frosted glass hung about 2 centimetres from each other) is at left.

Main office 3

This is another 60 degree turn from the previous pic, and shows Rastin (website) at his desk. My office is just visible at left through the window and open door. Note if you will the backless chairs under the conference table … no glacial meetings for us!

My office 1

This is my office …. my desk and storage at back, some artwork on the wall. The metallic rectangles are strangely enough, metallic rectangles. I have not yet bought the magnets that we’ll be using to hang papers, etc. on them.

My office 2

A truly enlightening shot of the other side of my office avec PowerBook et red wall. A couple chairs for visitors round out the room.

It is SO much nicer to come to work now in an aesthetically pleasing office that is well-organized (at least for now!) and well designed. The metal legs for all the tables and desks also really contributes to a feeling of spaciousness and openness.

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