My new baby: a Sony DSC W1

I finally bought a digital camera. I have been waiting literally years for the perfect camera to come along, and while the perfect one will probably never be created, I think this one is about the best I could have gotten: Sony DSC W1.

I wanted 5 things in a digital camera:

  • 5 megapixels
  • 3 X optical zoom
  • big LCD screen
  • portability
  • and, most importantly, good quality pictures!

My DSC W1 meets all those needs … but so does the DSC T1. I wanted the T1 bad, but the flash is set so close to the lense that bad redeye is basically inevitable in indoor shots. Not acceptable.

The W1 is a bit bigger, but pays out with more battery life and better expandability …. the capability of adding more lenses, an external flash, etc. down the road.

And seriously, it’s twice the camera in terms of lense quality, sturdiness, and general all-round features, including many shooting modes and full manual capability.