Office Losers

I hate to be an ass, but what kind of losers blog on Microsoft Office nonstop?

From the About section of the site:

Hello, our names are Charles Maxson and Chris Kunicki and we personally want to welcome you to We have been avid fans of Microsoft Office for many years now. We have been promoting Office as an important platform for developers and working with users to squeeze more productivity out of Office. For that reason, we are happy to be your hosts here at is your source for relevant, focused and practical information pertaining to everything Microsoft Office.

For many years now, we have wanted to establish a web site that provided a virtual hang out to the many loyal and enthusiastic users of Office. With the release of Office XP, Office is now in its 6th generation as a group of desktop productivity applications and it made sense that we finally launch

I love that “Office as an important platform for developers” bit.

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    Microsoft paid no money (directly) to the people who run this site! We don’t even like it (very much)! We certainly didn’t give them any stock options (that were above water)!

  • You guys are exactly right! There is no doubt in my mind these guys get paid huge by the MicroSerfs. But than again, if they get tons of coin for doing something this dumb, are they losers are just kissing the right a$$?